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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, June 24, 2010

I think I'm turning into a Yes Man. I can't believe I said yes to Paolo after he asked me if I wanted to try Max's latest promo. I am not a big eater nor am I a fan of Max's chicken but since I had nothing else better to do on a Thursday night, I decided to go for it.

I sent a spam text to my contact list and asked if anybody else was down. I got some funny replies. One dude said he had five servings before he realized he was allergic to chicken. OMFG! Hahahahaha.

Man vs. Food PI style? Let's go!

The flyer


Ensaymada looked good but I had to pass. ALL CHICKEN EVERYTHING for tonight!

Our server. "165 pesos (US$3.50) for chicken all-you-can but no sharing." Did she really think? 0_o

Chuck Norris killed my flash

Okay now it's working again

This design must be five years old since Max's is on its 65th year

Choose your weapon

39 pesos for bottmless Pepsi

Next table

Round 1. Breast and wing. Here we go! Chicken was served in quarter pieces.

After one minute. It was gooooooood!

Round 2. Breast and wing. After a 10 minute-wait.

Round 3. Thigh and leg. Then the chicken kept coming.

Round 4. Breast and wing. Bring it on!

Round 5. Breast and wing. Here's when I started to slow down.

Round 6. Thigh and leg. Nausea took over.

Round 7. Thigh and leg. I had to stand up and walk around before this.

The chicken started to taste funny (or maybe it was my body's way of telling me to stop) so I ordered this. BEST. DRINK. EVAR.

I could've gone for more but it was already past closing time. Paolo only had 2 while Miko had 3 servings.

Miko ordered some food to go. Then he jacked a piece of chicken and wrapped it in napkin. How ghetto. Ha ha.

Skull and bones!

I am done.

No more Max's for me until 2011.

* BURP *

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