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Yes, those were the two clues. If you didn't hit the pause button at the :17 mark, you would've probably had a chance at securing a guaranteed pack. I wanted to post the codes here and on but I didn't want to get in trouble with Peak Shoes.






I got photos galore!

Enjoy. :)

T-minus 31 minutes...

Reading is fundamental

Some of you did, some of you didn't.

Sleeky sleek

Sick leather jacket. Call the store before they're all gone!

I wonder which one is Hannah


Lucky e-raffle winners

NT 1, NT 2

NT 3

This is China and she'll be celebrating her birthday next week. Get her something nice, okay?

The Dream Team '09. It's alright Sam. Smile.

The friendly peeps of Nike Park


Tony. Hustle hard. Always.

Who wants to play Tetris?

Miss Mae: Are you a Kobe fan?
E-raffle winner number 1: No.
Me: * DEAD *

The scene outside. Photo booth FTW!

Jinno The MC

Raoul jumping over an Aston Martin (not included, lol)

Martin jumping over an Aston Martin. Again, not included. I'm so funny! Mackie's camera triggered the external flash, hence the weird effect. Maybe that or
the aliens are out to get him.

Miles and Sherlyn. Miles!

Doc Mon

Double P being interviewed

Hans! Number 1 camper. Huh? Yes! LOL!

Austin got the jacket too. Niiiiiiiiiiice!

Your Daily Dose of Marc with Ryan

superswag with the wifey

What did they wear? Mackie's sweet Jordan VI.

Jerwin's Brian Anderson SF Giants Blazer Mid SB. * TWO THUMBS UP *

Ryan's EMINEM Jordan II

Jason's Laser Jordan IV

Marc's Royal Jordan I

Sole Movement x SBTG

Huarache 2K4

Pump pump pump pump it up!


Packs galore!

This kid had a pair of Air Jordan XIIs on her feet. Her mom? Air Jordan XI Space Jam.

Two man standing

Oh myyy gosh... Miss Mae!

What up pare!

Yes, I would've rocked them like this. One Hyperdunk, one KBV.

Chicosci's Miggy with Miko

D for Darius

Mikey was number 35 but he still got his size. Congrats man! See you in SF soon.

Where's Waldo?


You bail, you fail.

Boston or LA?

Team LMS


My dinner

And my midnight snack

Texas Roadhouse Grill FTL. Getting stingy with the peanuts and kicking us out even though it was still early. No tip for you bish.

I tried uploading a video but my stupid Internet connection resets every two hours killing the upload. Destiny, call me! 555-5555. Your damn operators never pick up.

Good stuff everyone! Nike Philippines, Ogilvy, Nike Park, Raoul and Bianca, Jinno, Mesh, Hans, Armel, NT'ers and all the folks who rolled through.

Oh, and I finally met Dennis Tan in person and we shook hands.


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yeah! I got this!!

thanks man! if you didn't help me out wouldn't have been an online winner.. thanks a bunch and nice seeing you there.. till the next one

Which one were you? You should've said hi. Hi!

Looked like a lively bunch and a successful event! Lovin' the Dunkles and the SBTG's FIRE!!!

i did say hi.. :)) but it was while i was at the line. so couldnt really go to you..

you were going out of the store with miko and i said hi..

you got a photo of me though wearing the beanie is me.

Great pics. Release looked fun.

It was nice seeing you there!! :-) Thanks for this :)