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| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, June 17, 2010

NBA Finals Game 7 at National Sports Grill Greenbelt 3!

I got up at 5am and left the house a little past 6am to get a table for a dozen people at NSG. Paolo, Shikko and I arrived at 7:15am and we saw around 15 people waiting outside. When the doors opened I secured three tables even though one of the servers gave me a hard time. Good thing we got there early because the seats were all occupied within minutes of opening.

Our table

The set-up. One projector and 3 small television sets. 0_o

Miggidy Milkos

Paolo was up early

Phil straight reppin' his hometown

NTPI's most hated, lol. Shikko in the back.

Jason, JR and Dan

Packed house (click to play)

Rowdy LA fans

San Francisco Burger. Guess why I ordered this? Ha ha. Good thing it was hella goooood.

Surprise appearance by Mark (
wL). I thought he was kidding when he said he'd join us. I didn't know he flew in from Davao the night before.

Coors gave away free beer to those who ordered food. Our table got 15 free bottles. I can't believe some people hogged tables and only ordered iced tea.

The green side

This fan must've placed a huge bet on his team. I thought he was going to kill himself when the Celts were up in the 3rd quarter.

The purple and gold side

fffffuuuuuuuu (click to play)

More food and drinks

What up Nio!

Nikko and his buddy

Wait for the shrug (click to play)

That was fun!

Eight of us went to Grappa's after and finished 2 pitchers of weizen with 1 liter of dark beer. We were on our way home when I thought of checking out Resorts World with Paolo (a regular) and Miko. The place reminded me of Vegas. I can't wait for all the shops to open. Miko had to bail early to pick up his wife from the airport but Paolo and I stayed for six hours. It was a trip being there with Paolo. He knew everybody. He ended up tripling his money after playing craps. Me? I held back for 5 hours and ended up playing black jack. Please remind me to stay away from casinos. Ha ha. I never win. 0_o

Even though Kobe got his fifth ring (Yes, I'm hating), it turned out to be a great day. I got to hang out and chop it up with some fun peeps. Shout out to those who rolled through. I know the others didn't get seated and ended up going to nearby restos.

Who's down to chip in and rent the presidential suite at Maxims? Let's all dress up nice, play some slots and party at Republiq!

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