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| Posted in , | Posted on Wednesday, June 09, 2010

After I posted THIS VIDEO on Monday, my messengers lit up as people wanted to know when the official release date was for the Nike Koston Thai Temple Dunk High. If you backread my facebook wall, you would see that I posted at least a dozen clues regarding the drop. I don't know if people completely missed them or they switched to ninja mode.

When I posted THIS FLYER yesterday, my messengers lit up again as people asked a bunch of questions. Why? How much? How many pairs? Is there a line already? Why weren't we notified ahead of time? Blah blah blah blah. Out of courtesy, I answered most of the questions except the stupid and irrelevant ones.

This drop was special because I thought of switching it up and when I pitched it to Mark (wL), he was cool with it and gave the green light on a quickstrike release. Last week people talked about how they would camp out the night before just for a pair. I know a lot of them went home happy after what went down yesterday as none of them waited more than 45 minutes. It did disrupt their schedule but they said it was all worth it.

Like any other big release, we got our share of haters and rumormongers. Yap all you want but WE NEVER HELD OR SOLD PAIRS to what some of you call "VIPs." We don't discriminate. You support the shop = VIP. I can easily name 10 people who always roll with the wL fam but didn't get their pairs because they missed the flyer I posted. Maybe if you lined up as soon as you saw the flyer instead of barking at the crew and sitting on your lazy ass you would've gotten a pair. Oh wait, you're that idiot who always complains but never buys. Zing!

I was late by ten minutes and saw these handsome fellas outside, waiting.

The menu for today

Going for gold

Ring 'em up!

Instant classic

Good seeing you Notti!

RJ bought his first pair of Koston Highs in HK and wanted another one

He's happy

Peig scored a size 9 for himself but lucked out on JA's as he was one place behind the last pair of size 10

Mackie got the last 10.5

blogged about today even before the last pair sold. Wow!

Mikey reppin' SF

Otch woke up late but he still got his size 11

Nice hat man!

No bananas indeed

A few hours later, Reginald Co returned and copped a pair of Brian Anderson Blazers

LATE LATE LATE! I need this tee.

* BURP *

SB crazy family. Nice meeting you all!

Now top that.


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Otch might feel insulted with you changing his face to mine boss jojo.. :)) but its all good.. :D nice job once again for the pics post and for the thai temples

My bad man. LOL!

Edited already. :p

Hi Jojo! I think that's one of the reasons I love going to the store is that anyone always has a chance to get a pair...all you have to do is to come early and fall in line like the rest :D I myself wasn't able to get my usual size 10 but I didn't fact I actually was still extremely happy I got a pair in an 11 than none at all. more power to weL and you!

:)) Reginald Co, how formal! thanks boss. see you the next time in wL.

The new McDonald's delivery guy uniform looks so cool!

boss do you know the price of the purple nike sb backpack behind otch??TIA

4,495 pesos