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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two words.


Remember my 1st year anniversary entry? If not then click HERE.

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Congratulations sa site mo and sa picture mo na hindi malabo ang mukha ngayon. peace!

congrats!! hope you reach more years!! hope you get more shoes and more power!

Good Job man!

ur face!! :eek haha, good stuff

Congratulations Jojo!! More power bro :)

Hanep! If we didn't become FB friends that means I had to wait until now pa just to see your face!
(But the wait is worth it :)

congrats bro!


@Shikko - I gave you power, I made you buckwild. Word to Nas.

@rj - Forget the shoes More good times ahead!

@Harold - You want your dollar back? lol

@i2cky - Shut up you Edison Chen look alike. Ha ha.

@Sunil - I'll take you up on that offer soon. I'm craving for some good Indian food!

@Maj - <3

@Banjo - * HIGH FIVE *