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| Posted in , | Posted on Friday, May 14, 2010

Aren't you glad weLegendary didn't drop new Nike SB stuff today? That would've made it four weeks in a row! It's alright, you can breathe now...


Jason Markk Premium Sneaker Solution was officially launched today by Sole Movement and Commune. I joined the good peeps who run and frequent this shop to show my support for the product.

Perea must-stop

So fresh, so clean

I see my Munn inside the store



More stuff

Sneaker wall

Php 1,300 for the set. Email if you want one (additional delivery charge). Mention the promo code "Krux" to get a free smile.

Ice cold beer!

Thin crust pizza. Good call on this one.

Swoosh, 3 Strpies, Swoosh


Raoul in the hizzouse

The crowd

Hi Nicole!

Moments before I snapped this photo, I sneezed twice and snot shot out of my right nostril and formed a bubble. I went to the car but there was nothing to wipe on except for
Mia's top. Remind me to include it in my next laundry.

I told Julo to install a camera outside the store. Lots of nearby condotels housing Brazilian models.

I felt old around these folks

Never seen a Jansport in that colorway

Food and drinks lasted until closing

Good job Martin!

Thank you SKYY! * HIK *

My Bay Area peeps, expect this guy to visit soon.

With Ryan and Jen (Converse). I need to stop wiping my face on my sleeve. :\

Commune peeps

Person 1: "You guys going to The Collective?"
Me: "What's that?"
Person 1: "It's like the Cubao X of Makati, it's along Malugay St."
Me: "Oh where B-Side is?"
Person 1: "Yeah."

I thought only the "Then & Now" concert was poppin' Saturday night but there was a party at the old compound where the car shops were on Malugay St. in Makati. The whole place was remodeled and transformed into, well, something like Cubao X. I was told that it was the place to be for today's generation of hipsters. I'm not a hipster and I don't wear hipster briefs but I didn't feel out of place. I can't wait for the rest of the stores to open.

The entrance to "The Collective"

PJ's place

T to the H to the E

Loud music. Very loud music.

The ice cream lady remembered me from the Adidas event last week even though I forgot to give her a nice tip. Yes, I randomly tip. Heck, I even tip my
own pillow.

Tonight was different. Tipped before the first cup. Ice cream, you scream! I had three cups before they shut the machine down.

I wonder how far the owners of these bikes live from this place

Laklak Inc.

Aimee Marcos on the drums

Sanya with friends

Nice ink!

More shops and galleries are now open

Switchtrik with the gf

One round on me gets you a bottle of Red Horse. HA HA.

Live music all night long

Saab with the bf

Auggie with the gang

This is Jill. She's a musician. Buy her CD. I think Miko has one.

The Armory

Little Miss Val. Follow
HER on Twitter.

Lechon Macau fix before heading home. Next Door Makati Ave.


Makes you sober with a huge dose of cholesterol


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