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| Posted in , | Posted on Friday, May 07, 2010

Third Nike SB release at weLegendary in as many weeks?

No problem.

These folks will never say no to a good pair of sneakers.

1st man standing. What time did he line up? 12 freaking midnight. 13 hours before the shop opened. The craziest thing about this dude? He doesn't even smoke weed. * HIGH FIVE *

Meet Bryce. He works for
Hermès. Hit him up for a 50% discount. That means you still have to pay around 250,000 pesos for a decent purse. Ha ha. Okay, kidding on the discount. He arrived at the shop around 7am.


Waiting with smiles on their faces even though it was hot and humid

Waiting for the door to open

Ladies and gentlemen, your first three Nike SB Skunk buyers. LMAO at Kiko in the back.

Only the smell of weed is missing. The details on this joint are ridiculoid.

Thumbs up on the v-neck

The usual suspects. Kiko still lurking in the background. Ha ha.

Inhale, exhale and enjoy your pairs

Whoa, visitors from another planet!

weLegendary, where RANDOM happens (click to play)

Nice meeting you dude!

Fishball party! Woot woot.

Stick 'em up

Thanks JA!

Speaking of JA, he's back with another tutorial (click to play)

Congratulations to wL for another successful drop. Always doing great things from Manila to Digos!

Before I go, did I upset you with my recent facebook status?

Well deal with it.


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I didn't think you'd post my face in your blog! thanks for the skunks! I thought i wouldn't get any, since i work during saturdays as well, bummer reason for not being able to line up..

thanks again and nice meeting you


i didnt think you'd post my picture in your blog!

thanks for the skunks again! nice to meet you, see you again when i hang in wL..

You're welcome!

Camped Out To Get This, i Grew a Beard Overnight, Soooo Worth it! I lurve the experience, too bad for all those who missed out, Skunks is the Shiet! Thanks wL. Can't w8 for my next camp out.

Which one were you again? I'm sorry but I'm bad at names.

12am guy,hehe