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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, May 09, 2010

And count it for the man in green.

I voted! First time since 2004 because I was in San Francisco during the 2007 elections. Peep the vintage tee I rocked today. Sweat marks? No worries. IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.

I got up early to watch the live coverage on local television. I couldn't stand how all the media did was report negative stuff. I mean c'mon! This day could be the defining moment of Philippine politics. The only saving grace was watching
Pinky Webb in a pinstripe suit. Ginger Conejero was smokin' too but her voice reminded me of one of the Golden Girls.

I napped after brunch and woke up around 2pm after I received several text messages from my sister. She went ahead with my brother and my parents but got me a number. Sweet! I didn't have to wait as long. Around 3pm, without showering, I drove 2 minutes to the poll precinct. I figured I'd start sweating as soon as I got out of the car so I didn't bother. Plus it was in Culiat and I didn't want to stick out like a sore thumb. Ha ha.


My district

Sample ballots scattered everywhere

Some dude in front of us waited in line for 5 hours only to find out that his name wasn't on the list when he got into the polling room. What an idiot. You should've checked here before you lined up.

Half of the people who were in the area weren't even there to vote. They were just hanging out. SMH.

Voting was extended until 7pm so they installed some lights


Poll watcher

This was a clever idea.

30 people in line. 300 people hanging out.

Dude in the middle rockin' a pair of AM95s. Yes they were legit.

Husband and wife brought their own chairs. Nice one!

Waited 40 minutes by the basketball court and 30 more minutes in this room. On my way up, I almost got into a fight with a big old man. My brother was buying cold drinks when I moved back and nearly stepped on the old guy's foot. I said sorry with the quickness. It was weird how he got upset that I said sorry. We argued for about two minutes. He said, "You want to fight? Let's take it outside!" I replied, "Go wait for me outside while I vote and I'll give you a serious beating." He left in a hurry and didn't wait. Everything about the dude screamed weird. He was well groomed with gray hair but he looked like he wasn't even there long. No sweat on his face nor his red shirt. He wore sandals and had dark toenails. I didn't know if they were painted or all dead. I never stare at men's toes. He had a clutch bag with him and looked well off. I'm just saying. Who effing starts shit then leaves?

The much talked about
PCOS machine

You already know. GO GIBO!!!

It took me 5 minutes to mark all the names I wanted to win. I had to snap a shot of the dude with the long hair before leaving. He was creeper status. Gay creeper status.

I would've finished everything in less than 3 minutes but I had the wrong list of councilors. I keep forgetting I'm from district 3 but vote in district 2. Too bad I didn't get to vote for my crush. Go Arlene!

Here's her campaign poster

Since I wasn't familiar with the councilors, I ended up voting for this girl. Yes, I voted for
ARA MINA. Hahahahaha. (click to play, NSFW). May God bless Quezon City.

Indelible ink on my index finger. Yessir!

One and a half hour wait to get a chance to change the future of this country? Not bad.

The way I see it, you're not a true Filipino if you didn't exercise your right to vote.

Now I leave everything to God.


Go Gibo!

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Arlene de Guzman FTW! I thought she only looked good in her poster. Maling Akala!

Feelin' the AM 95's on manong! It's definately...MAINET! Lol!