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| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, April 15, 2010

It was my cousin's fourth day in the city and she finally booked all her trips up north and down south.

Now all that's left is to chill and relax before she leaves. No malls please. I seriously believe Metro Manila has so much more to offer than its 50 plus malls. Julie agrees even though this is only her second time to visit. The last was in 2000.

Julie is fast becoming my favorite first cousin. It's surprising how many things we have in common. From music, to art and even the people we know. Sorry JR! lol

This is one lazy cat. A couple of weeks ago, she jumped on my lap, slipped and sunk her claws into my thighs. I almost ate her. Siopao anyone?

Julie wanted nothing but Filipino food. Dencio's Capitol Hills. Twice in as many days.

Nice house

Amazing view

Golf course in the backyard

Do I see Marikina and San Mateo?

That's Julie's green mango shake and yes it's yellow.

I got an invite from Nandro for some drinks at his usual Thursday night chill spot, Café Mondial. I thought it would be a perfect environment for Julie since she preferred a more intimate setting. I ended up going without her as she went to bed early in preparation for our Quiapo trip Friday morning.

My first drink

Mr. and Mrs.

Nice ink man

What up Nandro!

Kim and JA


Kim again


Nice shirt, eh?


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Hi! been searching for some archives in your blog and I accidentally found this one. With regards to the photo "Nice House" I think it's Alodia Gosiengfiao's house.