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| Posted in , | Posted on Friday, April 16, 2010

When Julie asked if I could accompany her to Quiapo I didn't think twice and said yes. I wanted to visit the dude who ruined my lens and slap him silly. When Miko found out about our trip, he gave me some money for a Canon S90. He recently lost his camera and needed a new one. I know Carla will hate me for saying this but the Canon S90 shits on the Lumix LX3. Hey, at least you still got a nice camera and saved an extra US$110!

With a mean hangover and only 4 hours of sleep, I got up and prepared for our trip. "Are you sure you're okay to do this," Julie asked. I replied "I only function well when I'm like this." Ha ha. Sad but true.

We were lucky to find street parking only 2 blocks from the church. I was scurred that the car might get towed but there was a nice police officer who gave us the thumbs up. As soon as we got out of the car my cousin whipped out her DSLR and started shooting random objects. I thought I died! I was more concerned at her being harassed or losing her camera than having 25,000 pesos in my pocket for Miko's camera.

We walked around Quiapo church, the whole stretch of Avenida and Raon Sts. then under the bridge. We looked for old vinyl shops but we didn't find any. I didn't bother visiting the camera store that ruined my lens. It was beyond repair anyway plus I really didn't want to see that stupid fucker. Yes, I'm still mad doggie.

On our way back to the car I had the courage to whip out my camera.

Next stop? Cultural Center of the Philippines. She was interested in its architecture.

Toss her in the air and catch her with your...


Her travel bible

Filipino food again. Dencio's again. Green mango shake that's yellow. Again. lol

Miko's new toy

Crunchy bangus sisig

Swung by wL for a few minutes, dropped off Miko's camera and said what up to the crew. I heard the Martian SB drop was a success. If you missed out then it's all good because the other drops are just as dope!

Julie left for Banaue and Sagada Friday night.

What am I gonna do now?


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