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| Posted in , | Posted on Monday, April 26, 2010

Today was Chili's Big Mouth Burger Day and I joined the thousands who trooped to the nearest branch to get my hands on a fat and juicy burger for only 118 pesos. The initial plan was to go 30 minutes before it opened but since I only had 1 hour of sleep and did 3 loads of laundry, I was knocked out after hanging my clothes (line dry FTW). I got up around 3pm and saw a text message from a friend who invited me to dinner at Chili's Greenbelt. I said no as it didn't make sense for me to drive all the way there just for a burger since there was one in Quezon City.

I had no date for the night because one dude had diarrhea (what up Paolo! Ha ha) and the rest were M.I.A.

Swung by my favorite skate shop to pick something up for Louis. Expect a delivery by Friday man!

weLegendary, now pet friendly (click to play)

Meet Spice

Gnawing on my laces

Not my RESNs!

Sooooo adorable

Spice was fresh and clean. I hate dirty pets.

The Santos family

Kiko and Moi plotting. Ha ha.

I heart blue boxes.

Time to get some good food for cheap. It was already 10pm and the place was still packed. I was number 17 on the list but I waited less than 3 minutes for a seat. Being alone and wanting a bar seat FTW!

One liter goodness

BBQ Ranch Burger. It looked smaller than usual but whatever. 118 pesos was still cheaper than a Big Mac Meal.

* BURP *

Migs (
wL patron) and his sister were seated next to me. They rep Iloilo and SF! Nice chatting with you two. Good luck with everything man!

My beer was more expensive than my burger. There should be a burger day every month!

wL family arrived 20 minutes later

Happy campers

We'll be back

Good night y'all!


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Good lookin' out on that Sir Jojo! ;) Didn't know about this burger day thang, but I glad I found about it... Damn, i'm too excited for friday... Hope you get much needed rest my man! Hope we get to chill & drink sometime in the future... Cheers! :)

Good lookin' out Sir Jojo! ;) I didn't know about that burger thang day, but i'm glad I found about it. 1 good reason to visit Chili's atleast once inawhile... Damn! I'm too excited, can't wait til Friday. :) Hope you get yourself alot of sleep brotha... Thanks for all the help! Hope we could chill & grab some beer in the near future... Cheers! :D