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| Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, April 23, 2010

No worries.

Our friends at wL still brought goods that really mattered.

And the turnout was what I expected.


I arrived at the shop right before the door opened. Saw some familiar faces outside.

The sun was blazing but people didn't seem to mind.

You already know

The main course today

The early bird gets the worm, just ask this guy

For her

More Janoski buyers

Cinco de Mayo for him

SB mids for Otch

Peso peso bill y'all

Straight to his feet

Nice meeting you Sunil! See you again when you return from Mumbai.

Another wL regular

Thanks for the goodies Ryan!

Fully stocked, but not for long


Akuma lurkin' in the back

"Jojo's default kicks" - JA

No negative vibes here

NT's own
chase on with his girlfriend. Nice corduroy pants dude!

Two pairs please


Mackie on the phone with Marc. "Are you sure you're a Laker fan?"

Akuma taking a breather

Martin in the house!

Mackie ready to shoot

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a surgical blade. If you have a weak stomach, DO NOT scroll down.

The tools needed for an emergency medical operation

After the shop closed, the real fun began.


It's alright dude. WE. GOT. THIS. Click to play.

Mark had a mean LSS attack and didn't want to stop so I hit the record button. Watch Wong's reaction. Hilarious. Click to play.

He couldn't get past the first line so I sent Mong a message asking what was after "blow out the candles." No reply. Mark was stuck and we refused to Google the lyrics. Ha ha.

Janoski camp out, good peeps, street food, cold soda, interesting convos and an emergency medical operation.

weLegendary, definitely the best skate shop in town.


Dinner at Cyma Eastwood to end the night was great. Thanks for the excellent service Joyla!

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Hi Jojo! It was nice meeting you and Mark. The WeLegendary event was awesome.. first timer hehe :)

More power to you guys. God blesses those who work hard and party hard :)

Im so looking forward to the special janoski event you mentioned. I gotta get my brother in line coz i wont be here in november..

Take care bro!