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| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, April 22, 2010

Your wallet wreckers for the month of May.

Available starting Saturday, April 24 at 1pm.

Perforated. Leather. Janoski. Game. Over.

Lakers P-Rod 2.5. For the Kobe in you.

Beat the French with the P-Rod 3 Cinco de Mayo. Oh my yo!


And strictly GP (general patronage).

So bring the whole family.

For some GOOD Nike SB.


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Hi Sir.. awesome blog! Ive moved over to mumbai but i still follow it :) I love the janoski cw!! awesome!!

btw, your talks about ristras and grappas always makes me hungry! there is no decent mexican joint in mumbai! lol

Thank you for the kind words.

If ever you do visit Manila, Grappa's on me.

Forget looking for Mexican joints in Mumbai. It's all about the yummy Indian food!

Have a great weekend.

- Jojo

I'm from Manila, born and raised here.. Moved to Mumbai over a yr ago for business but currently in manila now for another 10 days then back to work :)

Indian food? Bah.. never liked em hehe, I'll ask my mom to whip you up something which would be much better than what you'll get from the restos here bro :)

Hope I can make it to WeLegendary, maybe i'd bump into you there.

Have a great weekend too.