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| Posted in , , | Posted on Saturday, November 14, 2009

In seven different weight classes.

Manny Pacquiao is the G.O.A.T.

I'm glad I got an invite from Nike Philippines to watch the Pacquaio-Cotto fight at a "by invitation only" viewing party at White Space in Makati. I got up around 8am and realized that I only had less than 1 hour to get ready (I usually take 2 hours) because I needed to pick up my friends from two different locations before going to the venue.

Big ups to Miko for securing a parking slot. We got there a little before 10am and the place was already packed.

Click on the following videos to play.

Photos of course. Lots of them.

Phil and Aline

Mr. and Mrs. Abueg with Mark and Raoul

New MP stuff. No word yet on the release of the trainers.

Pam and Marco!

Yo Monch! I finally rocked the tee you sent me 6 months ago. Thanks again man!


Whose feet?

Who else!

I love snapping photos of the same people. Can you tell? :)

Still recovering from last night

Do you see the draft dispenser behind the screen?

Here's an idea for your corny clothing line. No, not you Miko and Mark. :)


People eagerly waiting



Yeaaah Pam!

Auctioned items

I dunno what's more surprising. Jinkie walking with Manny or Willie part of the entourage.

Almost full

I need these badly

Dope mural by AJ Dimarucot (Collision Theory) and it's for sale

The lovely Miss Mae

Wakey wakey Mongeazy! Ahahahaha.

Nike powerhouse

I shouldn't have eaten that yummy Jollibee tuna pie (thanks Phil and Aline!). It got me full so I barely ate at the viewing party. Sayang!

Miss Mae Knows

Alcohol at 11 in the morning FTW

AJ and Miss Mae

AJ putting the finishing touches

DJ Skratchmark in the house!

Boom, Raoul and Jinno

Miles again!

Nice trainers dude


I was already faded at this point

Miko approves

I didn't even know what was written on the back of the tee until I saw this photo. Ha ha.

Nice shoes

Cold draft beer FTW

Question. Guy in the back. Tonichi Yturri? Was he with his daughter or girlfriend? Just wondering.

Chicosci's Miggy toasts to his cousin's undercard victory

Gotta love this guy

He can do everything except fly!



I see Ramiele! Niiiiice

Here we go!

You could tell from their facial expressions who was winning.

Add five and you get seven

Time to celebrate!

Winner winner chicken dinner

Happy couple

Another happy couple

Hands up in the urrrr!

Woo hoo!



Time to share some shots with Nike peeps. From the PI to SG to OR, let's all celebrate!


Damn Mark!

Regards to HQ peeps!

I love it when people are happy


China and Pam

Yeahhh boyyyy!



He Knows. She Knows.

Nice meeting you dude!

Miles again and again. :)

Alvin and his buddy

Double A

I keep forgetting I know Jocelle. I only remember when I see her with her husband Oliver. Yo Mark, what the hell are you doing outside with the pitcher?

Mars Miranda fresh from London


Calling the head of Aglipay Security... Ha ha

Oh man! Like we didn't have enough alcohol at the party.

Mr. and Mrs. Abueg wanted Ristras so we went. You already know much they love my camera in thurrr.

My chimichanga. Burp.

They just had to pose again while I was on my way out. Thanks again y'all! You guys rock. Regards to Philip and Robby!

Mark got sick from too much alcohol and fun so I dropped him off at his shop then I drove home half asleep. Thank God I got home safe. I took a nap, got up at 7pm and felt woozy. Evening hangover. How weird. Then I saw a message on my phone. It was Mark asking if I wanted to go to Grappa's! Ha ha.

Thank you very much to Nike Philippines for the invite. What up Miss Mae! What up Raoul! What up Jerwin! What up Tony! What up peeps from Nike SG and HQ! Congratulations! Shout out to Ogilvy peeps and all the familiar faces I saw. I love you guys! What up Mong and Miggy! What up Raimund! What up Skratchmark and Mars! What up Banjo! Several new faces introduced themselves. I'm sorry if I don't remember your names but it was nice meeting you all. I was pretty much gone midway the fight. Restroom break every 10 minutes FTL.

Yo Philip and Aline, Mr. and Mrs. Abueg, Mark. I hope you all had fun.

I know I did.

What an awesome weekend!


PRETTY BOY FLOYD MAYWEATHER. Stop being a coward, fight Manny and prepare to have your ass handed to you.

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