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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Here's something you should rock on April 21 at the SF Giants game vs SD to celebrate "Manny Pacquiao Day" where he'll be throwing the ceremonial pitch.

If you rep the Bay Area and love Manny Pacquiao, this tee is for you.

VERY LIMITED. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Available at the following stores:

Niketown SF
AT&T Dugout Store 415.947.3415.
Stanford Dugout Store 650.323.9790.
Serramonte Dugout Store 650.755.7571.
Embarcadero Dugout Store 415.951.8888.
Stonestown Dugout Store 415.242.3222.
Valley Fair Dugout Store 408.241.2525.

I can't wait to get mine in the mail.

Can we please see a Pacquiao x Lincecum x Nike soon?



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This is why I never want to submit shift bids. Why even give some people the satisfaction of not giving me what I want?

Stack ranking, eh?


Tuesday and Wednesday off.


I'm gonna let my viewers vote on this one.

Stay with it or fuck it?

It's not like I don't have OTHER options.



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BUNKER, Karport Building, 32nd Street, The Fort



Be at Embassy Cuisine on Friday, April 3 at 8 pm, to find out how you can cop them Yeezys.

See you all there!



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My cable Internet was down for more than a day that's why I failed to post an entry for March 28. Thanks to the cable Internet dude who called within minutes after I sent him a message regarding my connection. He sent over some guys with the quickness to fix it. On a Sunday! Now that's great service. Two thumbs up to you Destiny Internet peeps!

Saturday was mad hectic yet super fun. There were several events lined up (Bunker 1st year, NT bball game, skate demo @ The Fort, Paolo's party @ The Pen) which I was looking to roll through but since it was Paolo's Swagger Night and I was all dressed up, I didn't want torture myself that much and only checked out the indoor happenings. It was crazy that I even showed up at the Bunker anniversary looking like that but I just had to swing by to show my support. I stuck out like a sore thumb but it was all good. Swagga outfit in 90 degree weather FTL. I saw some familiar faces and met some new ones. Nice meeting you folks!

Bunker had a bbq for its clients and friends outside the store with a DJ spinning some classic jams. I went inside the store to drop something off. Chatted with Jermaine for a bit and went outside to say what up to Borgy. Congratulations to you two. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the coming year. The way I see it, the Air Yeezy drop makes Bunker official. I don't care what people say. See you guys at the launch!

On with the photos...

Bunker, Karport, The Fort

Click to play

Biggest turn out I've seen so far for a local skate demo. Crazy. Click to play.

I arrived at The Manila Peninsula a little after 7pm. I kept sending stupid messages to one of Paolo's numbers. I didn't know his mom was using it. Ha ha. To those who don't know, my boy Paolo moved to the Philippines to get a degree. After 4 years of ups and downs, he finally did it. I know how much this means to him and his fam. Congratulations man!

Went up to his room to drop something off.

I rang the bell and guess who opened the door?

"Swagga on a hundred thousand, trillion"

"Can't wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don't fit"

"My swagger is Mick Jagger"

Here we go!

Some of the guests

Click to play

Paolo's mom

PCRIZZZY. Click to play.


With Allan, Aldrin and Paolo's auntie

I was paid $31 by a stranger to snap this photo. No more mystery. I present to you... Paolo's love interest. I can't wait to see this love team on the big screen. Photo edited upon request. Booo!

I was upset Paolo didn't introduce me to Mike and Belle. lol

For some reason, this dude reminds me of the Ultimate Warrior

Paolo with the school directress

He was given a plaque of recognition for his good deeds. Paolo Sauler Foundation FTW.

You have to see this ceehjayem! Click to play.

No Trillanes here

I left The Pen after the DJ started playing ballroom music for the old folks. Went back to Bunker after I received a text message from a bunch of people who were there.


Nike lover Mong rockin' the Yeezys early

Bunker crowd

After my peeps left I headed back to The Pen. Here's Paolo with some of his running buddies.

AJs on my feet, LVs on his

"Living revolutionary, nothing less than legendary"

"No one has swagger like these four Gods"


I got a message from Adi who convinced me to take a quickstrike overnight trip to Cebu where he was living it up. Here I am holding the flight schedule and a cancelled e-ticket. I missed the last flight by this (<->) much.

Chocolates on every table

We headed to the hotel room before midnight. Paolo was already faded. Dude drank so much wine he kept on saying random shit and unbuttoned his shirt. Ha ha. Some people at the lobby raised their eyebrows as we passed by holding glasses and bottles of wine with two servers in tow.

Future CEO?

"You can learn how to dress just by jocking my fresh"

"Sharper than a swagger dagger all metal"

The plan was Paolo was gonna change clothes then off to the club we go but I knew even before entering the room that as soon as he sees that bed, the night would be over.

Botty calls FTL

Sweet dreams snookums

Aldrin waiting

Allan waiting

Follow his journey kiddies

Bembol Rockers

"You can pay for school but you can't buy class"

He wasn't going anywhere so I gave his forehead a lick before heading out.

The Pen's lobby

I saw Mark Africa and Mars Miranda at Bunker and told them I would drop by The Embassy. Now I remember why I hardly frequent such places. It was so crowded it made my tooth ache. Ha ha. There was no way I could've gotten inside if it wasn't for Mark. Good lookin' out bro. I love laser lights. Click to play.

Pew pew pew

Pew pew pew

Pew pew pew

As I was shooting vids, I bumped into my cousin Nikka. Sorry I had to blur your friend's face. I didn't have a release form with me for her to sign.

You'll see how many ugly faces are in the crowd (including mine lol) once you turn on the flash. Ha ha.

I didn't stay long and got some food before heading home.

Chowking King's Special FTW.

And you thought I fell off. I'm back stronger than ever. Bitchesss.

Shout out to the Bunker Fam, Mark (weLegendary), Endo (PFP, Ms. Clavel), Miko, Mong, PCRIZZY (thanks dude, I had a blast), Paolo (not Sauler), Adi, Swooshie5, Allan, Aldrin, Tupe, Sherrie and the rest of Paolo's running buddies, Mark Africa, Mars, Nikka, Sanya Smith and Mia Ayesa and the rest of the beautiful people I met.

Swagga on a hundred thousand, trillion?

You bet.

Only in Pesos.