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| Posted in , , | Posted on Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looking to kill some time, I visited what's becoming to be the favorite hang out spot for sneakerheads in Quezon City - weLegendary. What's good is that people actually buy stuff unlike other stores where people just chill to be seen or to be "in."

Bring your own chair

Miko's brother robocopped the P-Rod IIIs

My favorite spot

Nice one Mark!

A kid came in wearing a pair of black/white Janoski. I said "nice shoes." He said they were fakes and paid 3,000 pesos for them on I told him I had nothing against fakes just as long as people don't get ripped off. For 495 pesos more he went home happy and with a new pair of authentic black/white Blazer SB.

Can you spot the difference?

On my way home I had to step on my brakes as I saw this along Katipunan (Ateneo bound after the Boni Serrano intersection). Too bad it was already closed.

More seats and more parking. Yey!

I already know where I'm gonna hang out tomorrow.


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