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| Posted in , | Posted on Friday, November 06, 2009

After months of planning, I finally got to hit the beach with good friends from my previous work. I've been dying to get some color on my "white" body since I didn't get to tan when I went to Subic with the Ms. Clavel team two weeks ago.

A 3.5 hour road trip turned into a 5.5 hour laugh fest as we got lost after taking the wrong exit. We were already in Los Baños, Laguna before we realized it. One tip. Never let Shikko be the navigator. Ha ha.

This for breakfast. Somewhere in Calamba, Laguna

Variant mug

What I always order for breakfast

Gen loves mountains. He couldn't take his eyes off this one.

Before we realized we were lost. Ha ha. It's our national hero!

On the right track, finally

Star Toll

Our room. I wasn't gonna share a bed so I told them I would be fine on the floor. Good thing there was a pull out bed and I claimed it with the quickness. Ha ha. Gen and Jammi shared one, how homo. No SBS occurred.

No sand, but pebbles.

Lunch buffet

First round on me! No wait, all rounds on me! Cheers!

The adobo was the bomb

Gen and Jammi

Look at the size of that key chain

(click to play)

The owner's house?

Beer and the beach. WINRAR!

Snorkeling with nothing to see FTL

Jammi, Shikko and Gen

Shikko and his fav drink - rum cola

My feet, protected

Right before the owner saw Shikko about to jack the parked jet ski. Ha ha.

Merienda buffet

ABC would love the pansit

(click to play)

Yes, sausage fest

Shikko FAIL

What was I thinking? Ahahahaha

Finally got my feet wet


What's whale in Filipino? Lumba-lumba.

Jammi cut his foot open on the rocks. Ouch.

Gays harassing us

Site of the bonfire after dinner

Bye bye sun

Setting up

Gen eager to burn wood

Dinner time!

Fish fillet with tar tar sauce was goooood

Do not disturb Shikko and his 31st plate of food


(click to play)

My cam couldn't capture the stars :(

The fire starter

Here we go!


(click to play)

Let's get this party going

(click to play)

Jammi ready to roast Shikko. Lechon anyone?

Another one

We pretended to be two gay couples and interacted with these fun fun people. Ha ha. What up E! What up Jen! What up Carla!

Gay di baaah?

By the rocks

With the ladies




E: "I once saw a shark this big and shot it with my Green Lantern ring. Pew pew pew!"

Jokes x impersonations x one liners x good convo x great people = super fun night!

The best thing about today?

I finally got my tan.


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hahaha..I'm not an elitist and what is that friekin shark line...pew, pew, pew! hahahahah -Evie