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| Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, November 08, 2009

It was our last day at the beach and with less than 3 hours of sleep (alarms kept going off and Gen kept pressing the a/c remote), I got up early to get some more sun. I was surprised to see the boys with our newly found friends having breakfast. I had no choice but to join them. I didn't care if I still had drool on my face. Ha ha.

Look how nice it is!

Yes, COLOR. Gen with the Zoolander pose. Ha ha

I didn't see this monkey until checking out

Animal cruelty?

Heading back to Manila with Carla's car taking lead as we didn't want to get lost and end up in Laguna again. Ha ha. Girl should be on a race track instead of public roads. Who freaking overtakes on a blind corner? Eeek!

For a second there I thought we were in Tandang Sora. Ahahahahaha

Last stop before Manila. Lunch!

They got the Robinson's hook up.

Twister was menh

Eat up!

Bye y'all!

I've already said this a million times but thanks again guys and gals!



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