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| Posted in , , | Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2009

My eldest son turned 11 today and since we both love ribs, I took him out for dinner to Tony Roma's in Makati.


My son loves DQ's ice cream cake

We made a quick stop at weLegendary to get him a new pair of kicks and a customized skateboard (his first). My man Mark hooked it up big time. Thanks a lot man! Jay can't wait to get his skateboard and gear.

Here we go!

I love Tony Roma's bread and butter

Gone with the quickness

We shared The Roma's Feast. The sausage and chicken were as good as the ribs.

"Best ribs I've ever had dad!"

This was good too

Father and son combo

Also in the PI I must say

I forgot it was the 1st day of New Moon in theaters and getting out of the parking lot took around 20 minutes. My son was knocked even before we reached the exit. The traffic from Makati to Quezon City was horrible. 1 hour drive for a distance of 10 miles.

After dropping off my son, I went to a tasting party at Events Place. I was still stuffed from dinner but I promised some friends that I would swing by so I did!

The event was already done by the time I got there but there was still so much food on the tables.

The organizers handed out rolls of foil wrap so guests could bring home some of the goodies. I passed since I wasn't near hungry. Sayang!

These looked good

Today was a good day.

I'm glad I got to see the kids again.

Thank you.

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I've never been to Tony Romas though its been around for decades. I might give it a visit soon.