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$10,000 DONATION

| Posted in | Posted on Monday, November 02, 2009

If you're a NKETLK member, click on the link below and help us decide who will receive our 10th anniversary $10,000 donation by voting for one of the listed non-profit organizations.

Allow me to copy and paste.

December 10 marks the tenth anniversary of the NikeTalk community. To celebrate, we'll be donating $10,000 to a charity selected by YOU, our fellow
members, from a list of every organization we've supported to date.

As many of you already know, our staff members have always donated their services to the community. Ever since implementing ads in 2006, we've donated
100% of our revenue above the basic cost of web hosting to charity. In total, we've succeeded in delivering over $93,000 to 15 different charities.
With this $10,000 donation, we will breach the $100,000 mark.

Throughout the month of November, you'll have the opportunity to cast your vote to determine the recipient of our special 10th anniversary $10,000
donation. Each of our voices will count equally, and while there are no wrong choices I urge you to review each charity and carefully consider your selection.

The poll results will be revealed on December 1st, leaving us time to make the donation official prior to the 10th anniversary. I can't wait to find out
which charity you've chosen.

Before you cast your vote, let's take a moment to briefly review each organization. As you do, I hope you'll consider supporting the causes you care
about by volunteering, learning more, raising awareness, and perhaps offering a donation of your own.

NikeTalk has always paid homage to what we stand in. Now is the time to show the world, and each other, what we stand for.

Gawad Kalinga

Original Donation Amount: $2,907, issued January 2006

What They Do: Based in the Philippines, Gawad Kalinga (which means "give care") offers community development and disaster relief services. Current programs seek to help 5 million people emerge from poverty and encourage environmentally sustainable development.

How Would the $10,000 be used? If selected, $10,000 would be used at the organization's discretion.


United Nations Children's Fund,

Original Donation Amount: $2,569.92, issued August 2006

What They Do: UNICEF's programs run the gamut from emergency/disaster relief and disease prevention to gender equality and education. Learn more about their programs here:

How Would the $10,000 be used? If selected, we would allocate the $10,000 to UNICEF's Schools for Africa campaign:

Access Books

Original Donation Amount: $4,116, issued October 2006:, (update)

What They Do: Access Books refurbishes inner city school and community libraries in the greater Los Angeles area. They accept book donations as well - so check their website and send in children's books(new or good condition) to help spread joy and knowledge to children in need. The average book in these grossly underfunded libraries was published in 1960 - long before any of us (save perhaps kdwallace) were even born. A calendar of events is available as well, and those of you in the SoCal area are welcome to volunteer to help transform a library:

How Would the $10,000 be used? $10,000 would go a long way towards refurbishing a library in need somewhere in
Southern California.

Ettie Lee Homes

Original Donation Amount: $4,116, issued November 2006

What They Do: Ettie Lee Homes, now known as Ettie Lee Youth and Family Services, has provided group homes for young people since 1950. They help troubled and at risk youth through range of services, from 24 hour residential care to adoption, education, gang/violence intervention, and mental health/addiction treatment programs. We initially selected Ettie Lee Homes in part because one of our staff members spent some time there during his youth, so we know first hand what a difference they can make in a young person's life.

How Would the $10,000 be used? If selected, $10,000 would be used at the organization's discretion.


Original Donation Amount: $3,656.92, issued March

What They Do: The UNCF has provided a pathway to higher education for men and women since 1944. Today, the
organization helps over 60,000 students each year receive a college education and, in the process, assists us in closing the racial achievement gap. It is a
critical contribution not only for each student and his/her family, but for our society as a whole:

"Today, 60 percent of students supported by UNCF are the first in their families to attend college; 62 percent are from families with annual income of less than $25,000; and 93 percent qualify for financial aid."

How Would the $10,000 be used? If selected, the $10,000 would benefit the UNCF's Wave of Hope
campaign, intended to rebuild HBCUs damaged by Hurricane Katrina and help Gulf Coast youth gain access to a college education.

Operation Smile

Original Donation Amount: $2,000 issued April 2007:

What They Do: Operation Smile provides free surgery for poor children sufferin from birth defects like cleft palate. They also provide post-operative care and training services for medical professionals around the world.

How Would the $10,000 be used? Each surgery performed costs just $240, so this donation could potentially help over 40 children suffering from facial deformities live better lives.

American Cancer Society

Original Donation Amount: $2,553 issued April 2007:

What They Do: The ACS has been devoted to eliminating cancer since the organization's founding in 1913. They fund
cancer research, information, prevention, and advocacy. Though based in the United States, the ACS helps fight cancer around the world through training, capacity building, and tobacco control efforts.

How Would the $10,000 be used? If selected, $10,000 would be donated to the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, qualifying us for their Chairman's Circle, which would include NikeTalk's listing on the National Donor's Circle Plaque at ACS CAN Headquarters.

Juvenile Diabetes ResearchFoundation

Original Donation Amount: $2,768.60 issued August 2007:

What They Do: JDRF is committed to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. Through their support of promising research like the development of an artificial pancreas and continuous glucose monitors, superior treatment options are within reach.

How Would the $10,000 be used? If selected, $10,000 would be used at the organization's discretion.

Free the Children

Original Donation Amount: $17,204, issued October 2007:

What They Do: Founded by a child activist in 1995, Free the Children now works in over 45 countries around the world. The organization delivers education programs through the construction of schools and teacher training and supports health and nutrition by providing food and building wells in target communities.

How Would the $10,000 be used? Our $10,000 donation would finance the construction of a new school building or school room.

Green For All

Original Donation Amount: $5,000, issued April 2008:

What They Do: Green for All is devoted to connecting environmental and social justice by diversifying the environmental movement and utilizing sustainable development to create jobs and lift people out of poverty. The
Oakland, CA based organization currently develops policy, fosters community activism, and forges tools and alliances to help communities and organizations create green collar jobs and promote environmentally sustainable economic development.

How Would the $10,000 be used? If selected, $10,000 would be used at the organization's discretion.

Original Donation Amount: $6,820, issued July 2008:

What They Do: is a non-profit organization that helps facilitate loans to entrepreneurs in developing nations. Users can contribute as little as $20 to a small loan designed to help people traditionally outside the credit market gain access to capital. As the loan is repaid, Kiva lenders receive credit to their accounts, which can then be re-loaned or withdrawn as cash.

How Would the $10,000 be used? If selected, $10,000 would be added to NikeTalk's existing account, to be loaned over and over again to recipients selected via vote. (e.g. )

Habitat for Humanity

Original Donation Amount: $4,056, issued December 2008:

What They Do: Habitat for Humanity builds affordable homes for families in need with the help of volunteers. Program
beneficiaries then pay for their new homes through a no-profit mortgage and by volunteering to help build homes for other deserving families. Since 1976, Habitat for Humanity has constructed over 300,000 homes, housing 1.5 million people in more than 3,000 different communities around the world.

How Would the $10,000 be used? $10,000 can completely finance the construction of an international house, giving a family a new home of their own.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Original Donation Amount: $10,000, issued December 2008:

What They Do: With over 1.2 million members in the US alone, the WWF continues to serve as the world's largest
conservation group. Their efforts range from the protection of endangered species to youth education programs and their environmental expertise has been sought by a number of corporations, including Nike, interested in reducing the ecological footprint of their operations. Last year, NikeTalk donated $10,000 to join the Amur Leopard Conservation Society and help the WWF save the rarest big cat on earth.

How Would the $10,000 be used? Unfortunately, renewing NikeTalk's membership in the Amur Leopard Conservation Society would cost $15,000. So, as a potential alternative, the $10,000 could be used to Protect the World's Rarest Rhino From Poaching. As with the ALCS, we would symbolically adopt a rhino, which
we'd then receive updates on and photos of.

Room to Read

Original Donation Amount: $19,000, issued April 2009:

What They Do: The plight facing children and families in Nepal so moved John Wood, then a senior executive at Microsoft, that he quit his job to help - eventually founding the non-profit Room to Read organization, which has since built over 7,000 libraries and expanded its operations to serve communities in over nine developing nations around the world.

How Would the $10,000 be used? Though insufficient to finance another freestanding library of the sort we've helped finance in Nepal, $10,000 can help provide 40 years of education for girls in India, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, or Nepal, enabling young women access to secondary schooling opportunities they could not otherwise receive - a lasting impact, to be certain.

The Humane Society of the United States

Original Donation Amount: $7,000, issued August 2009:

What They Do: As the nation's largest animal welfare organization, the HSUS has assumed a leadership role in fighting for the dignity and safety of nonhuman animals. In addition to their fruitful advocacy efforts, the organization also serves as the largest disaster relief agency for nonhuman animals - saving 10,000 lives in the wake of Hurricane Katrina alone while conventional rescue efforts abandoned dogs, cats, and others.

How Would the $10,000 be used? If chosen, $10,000 would be donated to the HSUS' innovative End Dogfighting campaign. Supported by volunteers like Michael Vick, End Dogfighting works from within inner city communities to educate and inspire young people through free workshops and classes. Find out more by visiting their website and learn how you can help:

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