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| Posted in , , , | Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2009

Word has been going around that I am no longer with Ms. Clavel Sneaker Magazine. It's true folks. Not as Managing Editor, not even as Contributor. I submitted my resignation earlier and went straight to weLegendary to help Mark and the crew set up the shop for tomorrow's Gucci Dunk release.

I hope I served the supporters, clients and readers of Ms. Clavel well. A lot of people have told me that the magazine has gone a long way. I have to agree. Jacq Yu, Krista Ranillo, Aubrey Miles and Paul Rodriguez, Jr. The best four issues. Midas Touch indeed. I wish nothing but the best for the magazine as I move on to bigger things.

People are asking what I'm gonna do now. Got several offers but unless I see a ridiculous figure with awesome benefits, I think I'm gonna chill for the rest of the holidays and start my own thing come 2010.

Who's with me?

Mark's Janowski makes me want to cry

FINALLY! Been dying for some fishballs since forever. I ran out the store as soon as I found out there was a fishball vendor. Mmm... Sarap! Word to Joey Mead.

I want mine golden brown!


Back inside. Boyfriend-girlfriend loyal customers all the way from Pampanga. What up Carlo! What up Noelle!

One of the many uses for the belly band

Carlo helped me fray my Gucci Dunks. He'll fray yours too for 1,000 pesos per pair!

A signed masterpiece.

JA arrived at the store around 6pm looking to camp out for the Guccis set to release the following morning. We said he couldn't stay inside and that pissed him off. He went to his car and brought out his latest pick up. Now we're good friends.

How random. Ha ha.

Praying for some fraying

Arcee checking out the goods

Okay we're set for tomorrow.

The wall is ready

Time to recharge

I got a message from my beach buddies asking me what I was up to. Since I had nothing planned for the rest of the evening, I decided to join them for some drinks.

It's E!

Promo girls pushing Vodka Cruiser

Funny guy

Lovely couple


Dance dance dance

Lesbian actions FTW

The DJ sucked at first then he started playing some tight tracks. Good job man!



Nice photo, bad focusing. Shikko in the house!

I will buy Jen a brush for Christmas

With E's lunch box

Pew pew pew!


Peace out

Tomorrow will be wild.

I'd be lucky if I even get 5 hours of sleep.


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bloghop. :) ang sarap naman nung fishball... ;D have a picture of my forever date, my Mr. Coleman...hahah. It was nice seeing you and Shikko... -Evie