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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, November 01, 2009

I just found out that one of my parents' pawn shops (all jewelry) was hit by robbers over the long weekend. The robbers drilled through several walls and opened the vault using acetylene burners. By the time the clerk opened the shop, nothing was left. My parents are in shock right now and this will surely bury them in debt since none of the items were insured. Stolen items included my family's stash of jewelry worth millions of pesos (Philippines).

I've never wished death upon another person until now.

Be back with some photos from the scene.

* EDIT *

I felt so sick to my stomach that I decided to stay home. My sister snapped these photos using her camera.

From the looks of it, I'd say the notorious "Acetylene Gang" was responsible for this one. Their modus operandi is to rent a vacant office space next to a pawn shop or a bank then work on robbing the other tenants during long weekends or holidays.

In this case, they went through walls on the second level and the floor directly above my parents' shop.

The robbers took out a piece of the vault near the dial but it obviously didn't work so they had to take out one side from top to bottom

Jewelry gone

Cash gone

Nothing was spared. Even this drawer which has been jammed shut the past 10 years was forcibly opened.

Their freaking trademark - leaving the tools they used.

To those who are bitching about the business not having insurance, in a third world country, insurance for a small business looks good only on paper. It serves nothing to the customers and business owners.

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that's scary, nothing and no one is safe anymore........ i hope your parents are okay.

roast them with their own torches!

That really sucks! I hope everyone will be wary of tenants besides them especially pawn shops and jewelry stores.