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| Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, November 13, 2009

Gucci Dunk drops today and the first person in line arrived at 2:22am. That's almost 12 hours before the door opens!

I'll be helping out the weLegendary family as a special guest sales associate. Wish me luck!

Live feed will start at 1pm Manila time (11/14), 9pm Pacific (11/13)and 1am Eastern (11/14)
Streaming live video by Ustream

* EDIT *

I went to bed at 5am after spending more than 1 hour on Skype with CJM. The topic? To fray or not to fray. How homo is that? Ha ha. I was hoping to get at least 5 hours of sleep but around 8am, stupid loud helicopters kept hovering back and forth directly above the house. I thought there was another military coup d'etat but as I looked out the window, I saw two very expensive private helicopters in the air. I thought of Hillary Clinton right away. I wasn't sure if she was still in town but if that was her, I wish death to her left big toe nail.

It's never fun getting ready while woozy but I had to be at the shop before lunch so I got ready and headed out to meet the crew.

The menu for today

The early birds

JA camped out with his brother. High five dude.

Nix and Ida

What they wore on their feet today

1.5 hours to go

Grabbed a quick bite before the show started

I love wraps

Not much fraying but I love 'em. Vintage Dickies denim khaki from the 90's (discontinued)

Mark giving some reminders

I don't know what's going on here

Ian's work!

Inside setting up the live feed

Here we go!

You deserved the free tee JA

First two

Checking their pairs

Hai tharrr. Ida got the size 7s!

First Janoski buyer (If I remember correctly)

Nix got the last pair that would fit him. Congrats dude.

Another happy Gucci buyer

Blue boxes make people happy

Nix came prepared with his Starks

More Gucci buyers

The last pair went to this dude

Gone in 30 minutes

But that didn't stop people from buying other SBs

Father and son combo. Dad robocopped a pair of Janoskis. How gangster.

Endless support from these people

Thumbs up indeed

I had to rep NT. Mongeazy in the house!

Triple M

Huf Blazers on Mong.

The highlight of the day. Visitors from Nike Philippines, Nike Singapore and Nike HQ.

Pizza and drinks for the guests!

Tequila and beer combo

Raoul is happy

Mr. Southern Comfort

How many bags do you see?

Thanks Mackie!

Mongeazy is Legendary

Good to the last drop!

Martin got the last 10.5 of Janoskis. * CURSES THE SKY * Visit his site HERE.

Play time!

Akuma reaching for the sky



Graf heads from the mid 90's KNOW

After a hard day's work, Mark and the crew headed to Greenbelt for some good beer. I told him we should have dinner elsewhere because Grappa's food was enh. His pick? Chinese food. Yum.

We support servers named Belle

The best stop for draft beer

Miko's mug

Nice and chilled


Christmas is gonna suck again. I just know it. :(

Pat yourselves on the back!

Great weekend so far. Tomorrow will be the icing on the cake.



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oi wong lunch na! hahaha!

usy si wong

asan na yung stream? wala naman