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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September 30 - October 4 was supposed to be my work core leave but for some reason, whoever plotted the bid dates, didn't have the balls to back up his work. I was asked by my boss to either go on a vacation leave or work half a day. There was no way I was gonna let some incompetent fool ruin my day/week so I agreed on the leave and took the rest of the day off.

I headed to ADMU for the bonfire celebration. I failed to attend the one back in 2002 when they last won the championship so I told myself why not check it out since I had nothing else planned for the night. No I didn't crash the event, I am an Atenean by heart even though the school let me go back in '95 (okay I had bad grades :\ ).

I had a feeling it was gonna be a crazy event. Rain poured a couple of hours before the 6pm mass and I already braced myself for the big crowd and muddy field. It was hella traffic in the campus so I parked by the laundromat nearby. I wanted to watch all the bands performing especially Chicosci (Mong's band). No rockstar groupie. Ha ha. It was more of a family event as Ateneans from different generations headed out and joined the celebration.


Back to back celebratory nights for me. And I now have a new celebrity crush.


Enjoy the photos and the vids

Victory banners

Walking is fun (click to play video)


La la la

The crowd

To the beat yo (click to play video)

Ra-Ra-Rah (click to play video)

Grace Li!

The main man

All winners

Coach Norman

US Ambassador


Crowd favorite Chris Tiu

Let it burn. Word to Usher. (click to play video)

Then the real party began. Atenean artists FTMFW!!! (click to play video)

Sponge Cola

Bianca Gonzales looking thick

Dude got a free cellphone for wearing a green t-shirt. They tossed the tee into the bonfire. Ha ha

Parokya ni Edgar!



Last but not the least... CHICOSCI!!!

NT's own, destro

This made my night. Ha ha.

Yikes. Can you just imagine what happened to my sneakers.

Notes: First time that the two schools I rep (ADMU 9 years, SBC 4 years) won championships in their respective leagues in the same year. Woo hoo! Some fucker jacked my camera case while I was walking back to the car. I always sling it around my body with the camera behind me. He/she prolly thought it was a purse. By the time I got to the footbridge, I saw my cam turned on minus the case. Damn you!!! Where was The APO Hiking Society? It was my first time to watch Mong perform live. Dude was doing cartwheels while playing the guitar. Ha ha.

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