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| Posted in | Posted on Thursday, September 11, 2008

I love Mexican food. Too bad the Philippines only has a few decent taquerias. Tia Maria's and Mexicali. Only 2 joints. Over 7,000 thousand islands. No, your favorite Nacho King outlet doesn't count.

When I was in SF last year, I must've visited more than 20 places looking for the perfect CHIMICHANGA before I discovered this place.

Taqueria El Sol

Saw this place coming from HUF SF, went inside and asked if they served chimichangas. The nice lady behind the counter said no but she can prepare one for me. After that day, I always made sure I'd stop by for a bite whenever I was in the area. I swear they were about to name it after me when I last visited.

For more reviews on Taqueria El Sol, click here. I'd like to remind you though that I only went to this place for the chimichanga and nothing else so don't blame me if you end up not liking the food after ordering other items from the menu.

For my NT post, click here.

My man and fellow NT member specksdominate and his wife (weLegendary) are currently in CA and they visited El Sol 2 days ago after I recommended it.

Some photos from their day trip.

Don't even bother looking for it on the menu. It's not there. You have to specially order it.

Choose your meat and beans

Here we go!

Deep-fried burritos FTMFW!!!

Cook lets it sit for a few. Excess oil FTMFL!!!


Satisfied customers

Thanks to Mark and Kheiy for the photos. I'm glad you enjoyed your San Francisco food trip. Enjoy the rest of your travels. See you guys in Manila soon.

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meron din dati miggy's not really sure kung open pa sila ;-)

Is it any good though? Mexicali serves chimichanga but it's nothing compared to El Sol.

More food talk. Am beginning to like this blog. ;)