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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I saw it happen on CNN and Fox News.

I couldn't believe it. When the first plane hit, I knew right away that it was a terrorist attack. The World Trade Center has been a long time target by terrorist organizations, some of which have direct links to Muslim extremists in the Philippines. After the second tower was hit, I told myself that World War 3 is upon us. I held my son in my arms. It was indeed a terrifying event even if I only witnessed it on television. They showed people jumping from the buildings and falling to their deaths. People running. People crying. People covered in ashes when the towers fell. The same videos over and over again.

I sent text messages to some my relatives and friends in the west coast. I forgot most of them were still in bed that early and I became the bearer of bad news. A very bad news. Up to this day most of them still remember the message I sent them and how shocked they were upon reading it.

I don't know anyone who died that day but 9/11 will never be forgotten as it changed the world forever and has affected us all one way or the other.


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