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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, September 01, 2008

So I turned 30 on the last day of August and let me tell you, it was a blast! If you failed to make it or felt like you were too good to be part of my birthday bbq, then you missed out big time. I put the invite up two weeks ago after I gave up on the idea that I would get to spend it with my kids.

I had everything planned out for my brunch. Grilled meats, ice cold drinks and good music. My mom wanted the traditional menu. Lechon, pancit, rice and whatever it is you always see whenever you go to Filipino parties. I wanted to tell her it's my birthday, not a town fiesta. Ahahahahaha.

My special day started with my coworkers lining up to greet me in my workstation shortly after midnight struck. I left work 1 hour later and decided to be a Good Samaritan by driving my coworker home. I didn't want to go home. I knew once I got inside my room, I'd break down. And so I did.

I fucking made it. 30 years old. I can't believe this shit. I MADE IT. The past 2 years have been the worst yet I am still here, alive and of sound mind. Maybe there is a God after all.

I went to bed around 5am and asked the maid nicely to bang on my door at 9am and make sure that I was up. 4 hours later she started knocking on my door. I jumped out of my bed and headed downstairs. I checked the table set up and helped Richard prepare the grill. I went inside my room, disassembled my network setup, borrowed my sister's long 30 feet RJ45 cable and positioned my wireless router by the hallway so the signal would reach the party area where I connected my notebook to a pair 0f 2000W speakers. AIM radio FTMFW!

I also set up a live feed of the bbq here and it went on for 7 hours until my cable Internet went kaput around 6 pm. I was cracking up with all of the messages I got on AIM about the broadcast. Most of them were silly NT'ers. You can see some of their thoughts here.


Went back outside and started grilling. First was the sweet corn then the bellpeppers and asparagus. When it was time to grill the meats, we needed to add more charcoal so I asked Richard to put some more. Guess what he did? He poured the whole sack thus killing the heat. It took us another 30 mins before we got the fire going. The whole time I kept telling myself "No Air Ant, no Air Ant, no Air Ant?" EL OH EL. By the time I started grilling the sausages, my first guests arrived. I had yet to shower and I was in my boxer shorts with Dep gel from the day before still on my hair. I didn't even let the guests near me. I smelled like smoke and sweat. Ha ha. I finally showered 2 hours into the party when half of my guests were already there. No birthday cop a feel FTL.

Enough blabbering. On with the photos.

Assorted sausages

Burgers and breasts

Potato salad was a hit (covered in plastic sheet, thanks Mabel!)

My mom's tools. Can you spot the webcam?

NT represent!

Kim and Michelle. Last time I saw this dude, he had the biggest collection of cards. Motel discount cards. LAWLZ. Congrats on the wedding!

Believe it or not, this stray cat moved in my parents' house a couple of months ago and whenever I'd get home from work, this creature would hiss at me. WTF, right? Meow meow siopao FTL. Word to Ma Mun Luk.

CJ Cabe killa

CJ Cabe. She was a hit during the live feed. Buwahahahahaha.

What up Armand!

Thanks Kim!

I support Asics and funky colored sneakers

I will promote their next fight

Assorted sausages FTMFW!

Grilled meats > yo momma

My mom's pasta

Sweet corn

Ella ella ella

Them stupid ants were hella fast. Off to the freezer you bastards!

Grilled bell peppers FTMFW

Never thought I'd see these guys in one table.

My man Sarji Boy! Last time I saw this dude was last millennium.

Birthday presents from AZ and Specks. Thanks guys!

Thanks Noni. Cake was yummy.

HSBC represent!

PILI FUCKIN PINAS in the house!!! Thanks for the gift man.

Guess what they were talking about. It was the running joke of the day. Buwahahahahaha.

The 6 Rings Crew. Whut what.

"Last beer? Last yosi?" 2 hours later. "Last beer? Last yosi?" 3 hours later. "Last beer! Last yosi!" Ahahahaha. Good times people. Good times.

The Aftermath

Leftover beer = 3 cases

For one day, I had my cake and yes, I ate it too. Strawberry milk FTMFW!!!

I would like to thank the following people (in no particular order)

My parents for taking me in again and for shouldering part of the expenses, all those who sent their greetings through text, email or YM/AIM, AZ, CJM, Robocop, CFDPI, feathertouch, bigballer, Mr. and Mrs. weLegendary (enjoy ASR, SoCal and the Bay Area) Mong, Endo (sp?), Sarji, Kim and Michelle, my HSBC peeps, my sister, Pong, my sister-in-law, people around the world who viewed my live feed and the very hardworking household helpers.


Notes: In true NT WDYWT fashion, I wore a fresh AAA T, Gap camo shorts, SF x A's fitted and finally undeadstocked my 3rd pair of Jordan XI I.E. I swear the 6 Rings joke is straight outta Seinfeld. I knew it was gonna rain. CNN weather forecast FTW! I never drink nor sex on my birthday but this time I had a bottle of Tsing Tao, a can of Super Dry and two shots of Bacardi. My mom thought I was drunk. Ha ha. I wasn't even tipsy. G'up.

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"I support Asics and funky colored sneakers"

Yes you really do. Yuck. :)

Yay for turning 30 and live feeds. I mean who has live feeds at their parties?? No one but you would come up with that concept LOL

Damn crux, you look like you're still 21. Live feeds? Damn where was I that night, bwwhhhaah


A little late but glad to see you had a great time. But you're old now. Congrats & happy birthday!

Thanks guys.