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SEPTEMBER 24, 2007

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I returned to Manila with the promise of a fresh start...


Direct flight FTMFW!!! Thanks to Myke aka pinoy baller on for the seat upgrade and beer. I can't believe I bumped into the dude at the check-in counter. How did you even recognize me? Oh wait, the IIIs and matching bag, huh? Ha ha.

1 year later and still waiting for the days until I can return to the city that stole my heart.

Sharing a very personal letter I sent out last year.

To all of my dear relatives in the Bay Area,

I was supposed to send this letter out the weekend before I left for the Philippines but I never got to do so because I never finished it. If your name doesn't appear below, please don't take it against me. I'd appreciate it if you can print this out for a family member who never checks his/her e-mail.

In no particular order…

Ate Nancy and Kuya Jojo. Thank you for everything. Thank you for letting me be part of your family. Thank you for being so patient. Thank you for all the help and support. Thank you for welcoming me to your home at such a short notice. I'm sorry if I've kept to myself the past couple of months. It's been the toughest for me lately and I just felt that your family didn't need to see what I was going through. I apologize if I caused any inconvenience or became a nuisance at any point of my stay. Needless to say, it was unintentional. I have nothing but good words about my entire stay at your house. I'll get the rest of your money soon. You are all good-hearted people and may God bless you always.

Mykel. Remember that one night when I came home and I couldn't nudge the door open? Haha. Nuff said. Thanks for driving me to the Bart station. Thanks for helping me sell my stuff to your friends. I don't want to sound corny but yeah, school is cool. Get your degree on and keep me updated. I'd love to see the day when you'll be cakin'. Sorry I never got you that "Wings" poster. The quote on the poster is more valuable than the actual poster so here it is –

"No bird soars too high,
If he soars with his own wings. "
-William Blake

Jonna. The daughter I never had. Thanks for keeping me sane all these months. You actually remind me of my eldest son. I still find your comparisons between me and my older brother funny. Can I say I'm the better uncle then? Ha ha. I'll miss our trips to nearby fast food joints. Always listen to your parents and look both ways before crossing the street. I'll never forget the day when you and Pebbles' kids painted my toe nails black and bronze. I think I had it on for more than a month. I was hoping it would fade away but it never did. Be good always and take care of Bella.

JR. My main man. My homeboy. My confidant. My partner-in-crime. I'm glad we were able to squash whatever beef we had in the past. Dude, from the bottom of my heart, I love you man. No homo. It's good to see that you've mellowed down over the years. I was hoping otherwise so I could blame you just in case I became an alcoholic and ended up on the streets (glad it never happened). It's either you were looking out for me or you've clearly fallen off the charts. Ha ha. Seriously though, thanks for everything man. From my first MLB game, to witnessing the Warriors' playoff run, to attending the San Jose Grand Prix, to munching on pizza squares at North Beach, to the countless times you accompanied me to the city (against your will) and to the rest of the stuff we did, I can safely say that you're my all-time fav pinsan. I'm definitely gonna miss you man. See you when you visit Manila.

Tito Gerry. Thank you for all the time you spent with me on the phone. Thank you for checking on me regularly. Thank you for listening. Thank you for all the advice. Thank you for the encouragement. Thank you for believing in me. You have no idea how those conversations kept me on my feet. Maraming maraming salamat po.

Tita Helen. I will miss your yummy yummy home cooked meals! Thank you for everything.

Christina. You know how it is. It's like HOY! Ha ha. Those 3M Blazers that you have inked your place in my "book of who's cool." Always remember who taught you how to properly display the Philippine flag when it's in vertical position.

Tito Ding and Tita Sarah. I really had fun that one weekend at stayed at your house. I wish I stayed longer.

Skipp. I enjoyed your company, man. We should've kicked it more. I know you're busy with work so it's all good. Thanks for the F&F hook up. Keep doing your thing. I know you have big aspirations. Keep in touch homie. Oh, and Elijah is so adorable! G-g-g-g-unit!

Tito Lito and Tita Lita. Thank you for letting me spend several nights at your house. Thank you also for the yummy breakfast. Sa uulitin po!

Mar. Good times, man. Good times.

Estrella. Good to see you again my ex fav female pinsan. I'm so happy for you! Imagine all the fun we could've had if you stayed longer in the Bay Area.

Julie and Marky. It took months before I saw you guys but it was worth the wait! Mighty and Poleng were fun. I have nothing in my player but the cd you gave me. Good stuff man. Keep up the good work.

Tito Binky and Tita Lou. Thank you for picking me up from the airport. Thank you for welcoming me to your home. I'm gonna miss family gatherings at your house. Oh, and the chili! I'll miss the chili, all the good food and drinks!

Ryan and Ivee. I'm gonna miss your BBQ ribs, man. One of the best I've ever tasted. Ivee! Sorry you had to hear my singing voice. I warned you! Ha ha. Keep the LV love alive!

Pebbles. What more can I say? You rock, girl! I always had a blast whenever you were around. Send the kids my love. I'll miss all of your lovely little girls making fun of me.

Bobbee and Dennis. Triskee and Bo. To the ladies, good to see you again after so many years. To the hunks, nice meeting you guys. I always enjoyed the company of your beautiful families.
Babette and Bess. My stay wouldn't have been complete if I didn't see you two. Please keep in touch.

I will miss Bus 51. I will miss riding the Bart/Muni. I will miss the weather. I will miss SF. I will miss my afternoon naps at Union Square. I will miss the food. I will miss Bella. I will miss walking the streets, I never got to do that back home because of the hot and humid weather. I will miss family gatherings. I will miss unlimited text messaging and unlimited weeknights/weekends. I will miss every little thing that made me stay there for so long even though I lived the past 6 months one day at a time. Lastly, I will miss all the love that was shown my way.

You have no idea how much I appreciate all the good deeds, small favors, and spare time you all spent with me. I will forever be indebted. If I owe you little money, a call, a drink, or a night out, please give me enough time to tie loose ends even though I know it's gonna be difficult for me to repay you all but I will try my best to return the favor someday.

One love.

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hey my munsy's been a year and i think you need to comeback...i celebrated my bday without you...i need my cuzz so i can really "party"...i miss you and the all mighty BAY AREA misses you need to come back so we can rock this city you always cuzz...---pebbles---

something tells me you miss the Bay

yeah son, we need you back this way!

Anytime Jojo...anytime...
been a year huh? didn't even realized that...whatever it is you're going through right now...Godspeed man...GODSPEED.

Long Live the King!

- M

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