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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Fellow ADMU GS alum and Niketalker PheelinIt from SoCal is currently in town for vacation and I got to chill with him and AA over some drinks at the crib last night.

I need new clothes. Ahahahaha.

Few interesting facts about Phil:
1. He played ball against NBA star Gilbert Arenas back in high school.
2. He had the dopest kicks back in grade school and currently still has some serious stash. OG sneakerheads FTMFW.
3. He's a good-hearted person who always has luggage space for his main PI connect even when the limit has been cut down to 50 pounds per check in luggage.

Notes: Filinvest 2 and connecting villages/subdivision is one big maze. I seriously thought I'd end up in the middle of Alabama after getting lost for almost 1 hour. I love driving in the middle of the night. No cars on the road FTW!

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Uhmmm... howcome you blurred your pix? Nice meeting ;-)

I always blur my photos. I hate it when I'm out in public and random strangers recognize me from photos I post on the web. Buwahahahahaha.