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| Posted in | Posted on Tuesday, September 02, 2008

After another difficult day in court and with so much food and beer left from Sunday, I sent out the Kruxwave to inform people that PART TWO was going down at midnight.



Because Crux can.

Ice cold beer FTMFW!!!


You can always count on these people when it comes drinking sprees

Lessons learned:
1. Low and slow grilling is the best. I grilled some chicken breasts around 30 minutes and they were oh so yummy.
2. Never open the car trunk using your key as there is a huge chance that you might leave the key in the trunk. Case in point. My coworker left her car key inside the trunk after I gave her some uncooked meats to bring home. We had to drive for 1 hour just to get the spare key.
3. You can always talk your way out of a ticket through interpersonal skills, especially when the cop reeks of alcohol. Expired driver's license FTMFL. :(

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where are the rest of the pics amigo?