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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, September 15, 2008

Still upset over Mickey D's unreasonable price increase (147 pesos for a supersized Big Mac meal!?!), I treated myself the other night to HOTSHOTS Flame-Grilled Burgers. What started out as a small burger joint 10 years ago has expanded into a chain of restos with branches in Indonesia and Singapore.

After a 20 minute drive I see this...


The Menu

Heart stoppers

Chicano Burger? EL OH EL

Pano-Hotshots (click to see bigger image)

The Ultimate Cheese Burger. Note to Hotshots. For dine in, I suggest not to fully wrap the burgers since they are served in trays. Word to In-N-Out. It ruins the presentation. Look! Good thing I wasn't disappointed with the taste. The unsalted homemade potato chips on the side is a nice addition to the burger.

Twisted fries FTMFW!!! Next time I'll bring my own ranch dressing. Yum

Cookies! 55 pesos

Worst milkshake ever. I can't believe I paid 99 pesos for this crap. If I wanted to get high I would've gone to Mercury Drug and copped me a bottle of Robitussin coz I swear it tasted like cough syrup. I tried drinking it for 30 minutes and left with this much in the glass. Coming from a milkshake lover, I beg Hotshots to change its recipe. You can not have a legitimate burger joint with this shit!!!

From this day on, reviews will be accompanied by ratings. 10 MOJOs = PERFECT SCORE.

Food: 9 out of MOJOS
Drinks: -31 MOJOS (yes, that's a negative) even though they serve beer
Selection: 10 out of 10 MOJOS (who would've thunked they'd serve fried chicken and spaghetti, LAWLZ)
Facilities: 7 out of 10 MOJOS (open late night, limited parking, interior paint scratched/chipped)

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thats fast food? that looks pretty freakin good (sorry bout your milkshake... i too am a connoisseur of such an art form)

Good lord that shit looks good.... Havent ate a burger in 5 months :(