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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, March 09, 2014

The pop-up flash of my Canon S110 stopped working months ago but since it's a great pocket camera, I still end up with decent photos like this one. It just sucks that I can't use it anymore to snap photos in places with low light. Maybe it's time to upgrade to a Canon S120? Or maybe I should go back to using a DSLR! Not. Recovery Food before SunDAZED, folks.
 photo IMG_6860_zpsdb6c4c51.jpg

It's been 3 weeks and she's still hungover from the best weekend of her life.
 photo IMG_6861_zpsbd2ac9d6.jpg

Top of the morning to you!
 photo IMG_6862_zps77197406.jpg

To all the ladies in the place with style and grace...
 photo IMG_6863_zps97ec94bd.jpg

Yup, I'm that dude who wears a Tupac tee to a Notorious B.I.G. tribute.
 photo IMG_6866_zps96bad45d.jpg

We were supposed to go to a new Mexican joint near Burgos but since it was closed we ended up here. Filling Station, boy!
 photo IMG_6873B_zps9be3e4a8.jpg

When my memory starts to fail me kindly refresh it?

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