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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, March 22, 2014

That's what I bowled last night. Ugh. How awful. I suck now at the same sport that I was really good at when I was young. *SAD BEAR * Good thing I was with fun peeps last night for Margaux's 18th birthday celebration! Happy birthday my dear!
 photo IMG_7125_zps3afe0df7.jpg

Lysol counter.
 photo IMG_7126_zps37737755.jpg

Full size run.
 photo IMG_7127_zpsdb600d94.jpg

Saiz saiz saiz.
 photo IMG_7128_zpsdbf79b96.jpg

 photo IMG_7129_zpsd33de739.jpg

 photo IMG_7130_zps0cd72929.jpg

Here we go!
 photo IMG_7131_zps27e9c128.jpg

Who got blue balls? Not me!
 photo IMG_7132_zpsf794d665.jpg

Nothing beats this.
 photo IMG_7133_zps25327100.jpg

There she is!
 photo IMG_7139_zps3d3e2430.jpg

I love your new do, Margaux!
 photo IMG_7140_zpsff2fb504.jpg

Jena with her lovely daughter Ella.
 photo IMG_7144_zps3cf46e20.jpg

The birthday celebrant with the only photo up on the scoreboard.
 photo IMG_7145_zpsc88b388e.jpg

Miel, Josh and Abdul.
 photo IMG_7146_zps34a9d258.jpg

Mother and daughter. (looking more and more like siblings)
 photo IMG_7147_zps9c502f82.jpg

Thumbs up for cosmic bowling.
 photo IMG_7149_zpsb218e6af.jpg

Margaux with Dani, Monica and Gabe.
 photo IMG_7150_zps9308fb00.jpg

Bowling with kids is always fun.
 photo IMG_7154_zps1d453b5f.jpg

The ladies.
 photo IMG_7156_zps60c554cc.jpg

Fnal scores.
 photo IMG_7157_zpsa391121a.jpg

3 females outbowled me. How embarrassing!
 photo IMG_7160_zps7c9d91b5.jpg

Mismatched Air Jordans are played out. Try this instead. 
 photo IMG_7161_zps66c9c084.jpg

Erica's daughter looks like she's going through a growth spurt.
 photo IMG_7162_zpsc0e09ca7.jpg

 photo IMG_7169_zpsd5d2269d.jpg

What will I bowl next? 69?


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