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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, March 01, 2014

Sunday night and I found myself in @gonzylla's neighborhood looking at new joints to try out when I saw this half a block away from his condo. I was still full from dinner and Dairy Queen but since I was already in the area I went and tried it out.
 photo IMG_6811B_zps8a87027c.jpg

It was already 10 pm so the line was short.
 photo IMG_6812_zpsc7a48c8a.jpg

Build your own.
 photo IMG_6813_zps7af06780.jpg

What's really wood? (good)
 photo IMG_6814_zpscd63ac0d.jpg

Twerk Team.
 photo IMG_6815_zpsa0fea6a8.jpg

Not ice cold.
 photo IMG_6816_zps8a6cb04d.jpg

 photo IMG_6817_zpsbaa84c90.jpg

 photo IMG_6819_zps33ab42a9.jpg

Mine was hella good. Red sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, grilled chicken, prosciutto, Canadian bacon, roasted red peppers, garlic, fresh basil, barbecue sauce. You should try it!
 photo IMG_6821_zps1a6da5da.jpg

This one? Not so much.
 photo IMG_6822_zps0519b8d7.jpg

Blanco Man. It was great seeing you, dude!
 photo IMG_6823B_zpsc190fb32.jpg

The menu.
 photo IMG_6824_zps6f356671.jpg

 photo IMG_6826_zps8c718de0.jpg

 photo IMG_6827_zps9b11c05a.jpg

 photo IMG_6828_zpsbd7b1752.jpg

She likes it.
 photo IMG_6830_zps12fa242c.jpg

I will be back.
 photo IMG_6831_zpsb87e1451.jpg

How was it? Project Pie is hit or miss depending on your "creation." Just like any other dish, you gotta know which ingredients taste good together. You can't just dump random ingredients on the dough and expect a delicious pizza. Makes sense?

Oh, and it's the same owner/s as Shakey's!

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