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| Posted in | Posted on Wednesday, March 06, 2013

New Gourmet Footwear stocks are finally in! I'll update this entry again soon with details on where these will be available.
 photo IMGP1789_zps74ef03f3.jpg

Played around with some wood shavings and sawdust.
 photo IMGP1786_zps4c00ca07.jpg

Gourmet Dignan LX (camo/pap) - 7,490 pesos.
 photo IMGP1784_zps094dde92.jpg

Gourmet Dignan (paloma/magenta) - 6,490 pesos.
 photo IMGP1782_zps9a5f91ab.jpg

Gourmet Dignan (black/neon green) - 6,490 pesos.
 photo IMGP1778_zps66cf8b99.jpg

For you animal print lovers. Gourmet Dieci 2 SN (oc/pap) - 5,290 pesos.
 photo IMGP1774_zps7aaed1eb.jpg

Quality leather + waxed laces + clean silhouette = CLASSY LOOK. Gourmet Novel (sun/veg/pap) - 5,890 pesos.
 photo IMGP1767_zpsad1dbee3.jpg

These go hard. VERY HARD. Gourmet Quadici LP (camo/pap) - 6,990 pesos.
 photo IMGP1762_zps45285c10.jpg

My fav out of the batch. Gourmet The 28 (multi/pap) - 7,990 pesos.
 photo IMGP1772_zps3d7b48f7.jpg

This comes a close second. Gourmet Quattro Skate LX (camo/pap) - 6,990 pesos.
 photo IMGP1765_zps9b392786.jpg

If you want PREMIUM then this pair is for you. Gourmet Quadici "Market Price Collection" (brtorg/pap) - 9,990 pesos. ★★★★★
 photo IMGP1758_zpsc61f04a3.jpg

See the collection in person on Sunday!

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