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| Posted in , | Posted on Sunday, March 24, 2013

Another one for the books! Sun-DAZED just keeps getting bigger and better. Check out all the fun you missed today.

Your lovely hosts Margaux and Erica. (The Powder Room)
 photo IMGP2823_zps3a137538.jpg

Look at these Gourmet Footwear giveaways!
 photo IMGP2824_zps99b166cc.jpg

I wanted them for myself.
 photo IMGP2826_zps221b3f36.jpg

Don Papa hooked it up with a few bottles. Trilogy and ARANAZ also gave out some goodies!
 photo IMGP2828_zpsf8cd6ccd.jpg

A and A.
 photo IMGP2829_zpsb5d10326.jpg

 photo IMGP2830_zpse042d902.jpg

 photo IMGP2831_zpsa4119d31.jpg

 photo IMGP2834_zps6104f649.jpg

 photo IMGP2835_zpsbfa0fa0a.jpg

 photo IMGP2836_zps8fe2f62f.jpg

 photo IMGP2837_zps726f357e.jpg

 photo IMGP2838_zps20821344.jpg

 photo IMGP2839_zps06a77646.jpg

 photo IMGP2840_zps0b62359f.jpg

Free drinks!
 photo IMGP2841_zpsc8c5230e.jpg

DJ Teaze and Lala.
 photo IMGP2842_zps8ed75757.jpg

 photo IMGP2843_zpsac4a6c6d.jpg

Tini was hongree.
 photo IMGP2845_zpsd6be577f.jpg

 photo IMGP2847_zpse9e316e5.jpg

 photo IMGP2848_zps5b865497.jpg

Anton breaking out a new pair of Gourmet Footwear.
 photo IMGP2850_zps4a0273c0.jpg

 photo IMGP2852_zps671acd37.jpg

So bella.
 photo IMGP2853_zpsa88af668.jpg

I can never have a decent photo with this girl.
 photo IMGP2855_zps46cd4cd6.jpg

 photo IMGP2856_zps7a066382.jpg

Another good Sunday turnout.
 photo IMGP2860_zpsd02ca493.jpg

 photo IMGP2865_zps3d46bb58.jpg

 photo IMGP2867_zps92723c3b.jpg

 photo IMGP2869_zpsb3ed0742.jpg

 photo IMGP2870_zps866c9ea0.jpg

JanJay and Chris.
 photo IMGP2871_zps075ee45c.jpg

 photo IMGP2872_zps1eaf90e6.jpg

 photo IMGP2874_zps5abbc444.jpg

 photo IMGP2875_zps6730626c.jpg

 photo IMGP2876_zps4c3f6438.jpg

Hi Rosario! (Status Magazine)
 photo IMGP2878_zps3b60ce02.jpg

 photo IMGP2879_zps6f11f863.jpg

 photo IMGP2880_zps91fc7d86.jpg

 photo IMGP2889_zps0a64ce4a.jpg

 photo IMGP2891_zpsa4e9fdfc.jpg

 photo IMGP2894B_zpsdeef3ac0.jpg

 photo IMGP2895B_zpscb6db8b7.jpg

Reppin' SFC.
 photo IMGP2896B_zpsdfdd17ac.jpg

 photo IMGP2898B_zpsa22909b6.jpg

 photo IMGP2901_zpseef825ff.jpg

 photo IMGP2905_zps8c0918b0.jpg

 photo IMGP2907_zpsfcc4924a.jpg

 photo IMGP2908_zps4547a64f.jpg

 photo IMGP2913_zps90e7efbc.jpg

 photo IMGP2914_zps810e1e77.jpg

 photo IMGP2918_zps7c9a6e40.jpg

 photo IMGP2923_zpsf605fd53.jpg

 photo IMGP2924_zpsa55fcebd.jpg

 photo IMGP2925_zps3472c89b.jpg

Who snapped this photo? LOL.
 photo IMGP2928_zpsda9d335b.jpg

 photo IMGP2930_zpsc4d7601a.jpg

 photo IMGP2932B_zpsd9f1080f.jpg

 photo IMGP2934_zps396cc7a4.jpg

Red Bull came.
 photo IMGP2939_zps08674584.jpg

 photo IMGP2940_zps3a925244.jpg

 photo IMGP2941_zpsd962aad2.jpg

Raffle time!
 photo IMGP2943_zps4eeaba42.jpg

 photo IMGP2944_zps0546e095.jpg

 photo IMGP2946_zpscad03c14.jpg

 photo IMGP2947_zpsee76275a.jpg

 photo IMGP2949_zps5bd4d71e.jpg

 photo IMGP2951_zps722d069d.jpg

 photo IMGP2952_zps849e53e0.jpg

 photo IMGP2953_zpsc50f5939.jpg

 photo IMGP2954_zps13f86f95.jpg

 photo IMGP2955_zps32b269f5.jpg

 photo IMGP2956_zpsf8a36e23.jpg

 photo IMGP2957_zps76bd786f.jpg

 photo IMGP2958_zps2acd3863.jpg

 photo IMGP2959_zpsa6a8bc8b.jpg

 photo IMGP2960_zpsff8305ce.jpg

 photo IMGP2961_zpse72d43d3.jpg

 photo IMGP2962_zpsd2b2a5ed.jpg

 photo IMGP2963_zps83f28b58.jpg

 photo IMGP2966_zpsaf962c58.jpg

 photo IMGP2967_zpscd00c5d0.jpg

 photo IMGP2968_zpsfa2f631a.jpg

 photo IMGP2969_zps414987a1.jpg

 photo IMGP2970_zps02eb1694.jpg

 photo IMGP2971_zpsb4935ed7.jpg

 photo IMGP2972_zps0c2a5849.jpg

 photo IMGP2973_zps0b947dee.jpg

 photo IMGP2974_zps8955a551.jpg

 photo IMGP2977B_zpsde45fb51.jpg

 photo IMGP2979_zps36174131.jpg

 photo IMGP2980_zps3f986645.jpg

 photo IMGP2982_zpsbde9721c.jpg

 photo IMGP2983_zpsa932c73d.jpg

 photo IMGP2984_zps2f547bd1.jpg

 photo IMGP2987_zps362977ed.jpg

 photo IMGP2989_zps526216f0.jpg

 photo IMGP2992_zps89dd601c.jpg

 photo IMGP2994B_zps29e36e02.jpg

 photo IMGP2996_zps38073b5e.jpg

 photo IMGP3001_zpsc2a4eaa2.jpg

 photo IMGP3002_zps4d59389e.jpg

 photo IMGP3005_zps44486d8d.jpg

 photo IMGP3009_zps772ad8f8.jpg

 photo IMGP3011_zps028b05da.jpg

 photo IMGP3012_zps9d062c53.jpg

 photo IMGP3013_zps04aeff32.jpg

 photo IMGP3014_zps7898a7e1.jpg

 photo IMGP3015_zps739fe972.jpg

Then things got wet and wild...
 photo IMGP3017_zps345180cc.jpg

 photo IMGP3018_zps4e382429.jpg

Thank you all for coming and I'll see you again in a few weeks!

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