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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, March 17, 2013

My youngest son's classmate had an early birthday celebration yesterday at Crowne Plaza and I got to take two of my kids to the party. Yay for me and yay for them! And people wonder why I still stick around. It's called never-ending love, bruh.
 photo _1030275_zpsaec1462c.jpg

Swagged-out Star Wars party.
 photo _1030276_zps3f4112d7.jpg

 photo _1030276B_zps47fe30ed.jpg

Happy birthday Ady!
 photo _1030277_zpsb2b15040.jpg

 photo _1030278_zpscd5f8d3d.jpg

Such an ill stage backdrop. Yoda's head tilted sideways.
 photo _1030279_zps5e907fda.jpg

I wonder if they sliced and ate this after the party.
 photo _1030280_zpsf3df5dbf.jpg

Cute cupcakes.
 photo _1030280C_zps8424defd.jpg

Some of the many prizes.
 photo _1030280D_zpsdb58712c.jpg

Loot bags.
 photo _1030280D2_zps83843e52.jpg

Game booths.
 photo _1030280E_zps47f038c2.jpg

 photo _1030280F_zpsa05a6d2f.jpg

 photo _1030280G_zpsaff24523.jpg

 photo _1030280H_zps87477730.jpg

Some light snack before the main program.
 photo _1030280I_zps1d9e05e8.jpg

Buffet for the grown ups.
 photo _1030280J_zps16c81a86.jpg

 photo _1030280J2_zps08f33ac4.jpg

Our table.
 photo _1030280K_zpsb62c1657.jpg

 photo _1030280O_zpse0b17d4c.jpg

 photo _1030280P_zps421b306a.jpg

Gourmet Footwear on my feet.
 photo _1030281_zps46e1d5d8.jpg

Stripes kind of day.
 photo _1030282_zpsb1663e1b.jpg

Let the fun begin!
 photo _1030283_zps2bfbe89e.jpg

 photo _1030288_zps58120977.jpg

 photo _1030309_zpsdc39a257.jpg

 photo _1030315_zps125ffc38.jpg

 photo _1030322_zpsf17f77e9.jpg

 photo _1030323_zps79208bb9.jpg

 photo _1030349_zpsa53196a1.jpg

I made sure that my son's light saber was labeled properly. Two kids lost theirs!
 photo _1030365_zps9cca711a.jpg

I can never finish this game in one try. My youngest didn't get far either.
 photo _1030375_zps6d4f4b55.jpg

My second son has a mean arm and knocked down a few targets. MLB pitcher in the making?
 photo _1030379_zps462dec9f.jpg

 photo _1030385_zpsccc24379.jpg

 photo _1030388_zps0526422a.jpg

A kiss for each.
 photo _1030389_zps87149717.jpg

Darth Vader is alive! I lost it when he did the Harlem Shake by himself for about a minute until...
 photo _1030396_zps57d77319.jpg

He got  mobbed by the kids, lol.
 photo _1030400_zps90919295.jpg

Juani with the sneak attack but Darth Vader sensed him coming.
 photo _1030401_zpsff63de48.jpg

Time to eat!
 photo _1030420_zps2e3cbda8.jpg

The food was hella good.
 photo _1030421_zpsce3bd5fc.jpg

 photo _1030426_zps6eed2164.jpg

 photo _1030430_zps089d7a6d.jpg

 photo _1030433_zps3f43cb12.jpg

The kids enjoyed the magic show so much.
 photo _1030440_zps9bd4448c.jpg

 photo _1030448_zps15c357f7.jpg

 photo _1030451_zps49256ae1.jpg

 photo _1030452_zpsaa470835.jpg

 photo _1030455_zps34fc7409.jpg

 photo _1030461_zps83632946.jpg

This nanny ended up going home with both of her hands. (one was wrapped in a bloody plastic bag, j/k)
 photo _1030466_zpse6730651.jpg

This part was pure comedy.
 photo _1030472_zps46f92b4f.jpg

Awwwww we didn't make it!
 photo _1030487_zpsc9c3b0bb.jpg

 photo _1030488_zpsc716ec7b.jpg

Blurry photo but you can see little Yoda creeping up on Darth Vader.
 photo _1030496_zpsfc83264a.jpg

Time to blow the candle!
 photo _1030497_zps270bc99d.jpg

Small blue balloons got bigger prizes.
 photo _1030506_zps2aae8d0b.jpg

Scramble for candy.
 photo _1030513_zpseb40209b.jpg

Ady's mom thanking everyone.
 photo _1030519_zps19b77813.jpg

Photo op with Darth Vader.
 photo _1030520_zpsf4a850e9.jpg

 photo _1030522_zps315b4748.jpg

With 2 of the 3 Munsy Boys.
 photo _1030527_zpscab929f6.jpg

Thank you Ady! We had so much fun. We'll see you next school year. Have a great birthday and we hope you like your gift.


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