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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, March 26, 2010

While majority of the metropolis prepared for Justin Timberlake's concert, I embarked on a road trip to Manila with Shikko, Carla and Karla. The agenda? To have my lens fixed and accompany my friends as they shop for stuff.

Karla needed some giveaways for her wedding next month, Carla had her eyes on Hidalgo St. for a new camera and Shikko wanted a balloon. A big yellow hotdog-shaped one.

Karla found what she was looking for, Carla ended up buying a Lumix LX3 and Shikko, well he didn't get his balloon.

7am call time. I hate waiting. I hate dirty cars.

As usual, Shikko was late.

That's Carla. She's not throwing a peace sign. She was about to poke my eyes for buying coffee which according to her tasted like paint. Booooo you! I love 7-11's Banana Cappuccino.

Movie theaters in old-school Manila never fail to amuse me. ZOMG! Do you see the ghost?

Karla ordering a bajillion pieces of I dunno what


For my fellow 80's baby

Lunch by the dirty creek in Chinatown! Villar wasn't around.


Hands down the best fried chicken in town!

Would've been better if the tofu was deep fried


* BURP * Thanks for lunch Karla!

Santa Cruz church


Gangster's paradise

Camera street

Hole in the wall camera repair shop. Asked 2,000 pesos to fix my lens with a wait time of 1 week. I said no with the quickness.

We went to one of the biggest stores in the area to try my luck

This dude asked for more but he said he could fix it in 1.5 hours. I said yes since the whole store looked legit. 2.5 hours later, my lens was totally destroyed. I left the store with 3 plastic bags with over a hundred parts of what used to be my lens. Damn fucker couldn't even put them back together. AVOID D' NEW ACEL PHOTOGRAPHY!!! Now I'm stuck with only a prime lens. :( If you love this blog and have money to spare, please donate to my Tamron 18-270mm fund by clicking on the Paypal Donate button. :)

"Kudos on holding back, I can't believe you were so calm the whole time. If that were me I would've gone Rambo on his stupid ass." What can I say? That's what close to 10 years of marriage and a nasty separation do to people. Zing!

The walk back to Chinatown

I love the streets of Manila

Lord Stow's egg tarts FTMFW!!!

Other goodies

Shikko being Shikko

These kids asked me to snap their photo

Binondo Church

Another interesting Filipino flick. Shikko said there's an option to get extra service in the theater for only 50 pesos. He was prolly talking from experience? GROSS.

I dropped off Carla and Karla then proceeded to S&R before heading home. Shikko in a black tee, straight Quezon Circle status. BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


Variant Costco

I got home past 9pm, showered then crashed after I found out that my notebook was dead. AGAIN. :( But man oh man that was a fun day! We survived Tutuban, Divisoria, Chinatown and Quiapo. Good thing it wasn't as hot and not as crowded. I ain't even sad at what happened to my lens. I know when and how to take a L.

Life goes on.

kingcrux31 goes on.

Forever and ever.

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