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| Posted in | Posted on Monday, March 01, 2010

Canon recently released a firmware update for its T1i / 500D model. I heard it transforms your camera into a Canon 7D. No, not really, but I suggest you still download and install the program if you love your T1i. I hesitated at first because I didn't want to brick my camera but after going through the instructions a couple of times, I finished installing everything in less than 5 minutes.


I my T1i


Do you have a Canon T1i /500D? Click HERE to update your firmware!

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Thank you sir! I never did send in my registration card. So, I never get any updates or news regarding our Canon T1I. It sucks on what happened to your camera with the chipped corner. I would be saying T1 Why also..lolz. I am kind of bummed to find out the recent release of the T2I given the fact that I just copped mine 3 months ago! Great Photography skills to BTW. And more power to you and your causes! Peace and Mabuhay...Chinelasone.

You're welcome.

Try returning your unit perhaps?

Thanks for the compliment!

- Jojo