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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, March 28, 2010

I flaked on a friend who wanted to go shopping for an iMac to join the 2nd anniversary party of Bunker. Music + cold beer + ice cream + cotton candy + grilled food + good peeps > going to the mall. Easiest decision I made all week.

Remember Bunker's 1st anniversary? If not then click HERE.

This time I made sure I came in jeans and a tee. Haha.

Photos galore!



Deadstock no more. I forgot I had these. 2 hours of cutting, burning and inhaling smoke. Not bad, eh?

Bunker Anniversary Tee

Mr. and Mrs.

JA was hungry

This dude has a mean beard game for a Filipino

Valerie giving the ice cream a good lick

Damn you Miko!!!


(click to play)

Yo Julo, peep the blog roll.

Team Fresh Manila

What up Caliph8!

Who dat!?

Cheese please!

Homo gang signs


Beauty and brains times two

Encore's Most Wanted

JJJ and Sanya

What up Chris!

Wolf tops! Yo Mia, thanks for the souvenir!

Notice the switch?

Wolf teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Georgina and Christel

B with the last sip

Miko and I left Bunker a little past midnight. I wanted to go to North Park for some good Lechon Macau but Miko was dead tired. Good thing I saved this from the night before. S&R pizza tastes 100 times better when intoxicated.

A million times better with this dip

Congratulations again to Borgy and the rest of the Bunker family!

It's HOLY WEEK. What are your plans?

Be HOLY? Or be WEAK?

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i jes wanted to climb the stage at @encore and take the microphone from Timbaland and pull my dick out....FiiMS

Dope. Wish I could've gone.