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| Posted in , | Posted on Thursday, March 11, 2010

World-famous sneaker customizer Mark Ong aka SBTG was recently in Manila for a tour featuring his latest collaboration with a sneaker company. My good buddy Miko had his white AF1s signed.


SBTG has been one of my favorite artists to work on sneakers alongside Methamphibian (whatever happened to him). During the golden years of NT, when there was a crazy wait time for a pair of customized sneakers, I joked both artists that I was the president of the Philippines. I seriously thought that it would land me a pair in record time but it didn't. Hahaha. Now anyone can get a pair in a couple of weeks. SBTG has some sick designs available and you can even request for a 1-of-1. Visit his site HERE.

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I like METH more than SBTG, but they are both equally respected. Meth is busy playing video games and making 1/10 custom figures I believe and has sort of 'transitioned'.

dope! Mackie told me that people weren't even aware that STBG was there

^ That's weird because why else would people attend the event? LOL.