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| Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, February 26, 2010

Click on the video if you missed the live feed of the raffle.

Congratulations to Michael Jonelle Guy! You already know what to do man. Nice chatting with you.

Photos galore...

Best when served warm

Perfect for the Filipino skin tone

Instant classic

Only size 12 available. WHY OH WHY!?

Last piece

What we wore on our feet

I never get tired of WPs

While waiting for the clock to hit 3

The crowd



Nice watch

I was the only one who liked this

So random


New decks

These won't last long

Yo Miko and JA. What the hell!?

Meow meow siopao

Icko lovin' it

Who's JA chatting with?


We hongree

Ninja style


Don and wife

This is Victoria

This is Victoria covering her face

I never get tired of this place

I ♥ these guys

This is insane. I heard Borgy finished 4/5 of the burrito in 30 minutes then stopped.

I can never finish this in one sitting. Spicy sauce FTW!

We had to wait for Icko to pick up his watch. 1 of 3 in the Philippines.

My homey Ariel with Victoria

Ariel's clients wanted to go clubbing but Encore's bottle service was fully booked so we ended up at Manor. This place was packed with minors. SMH.

Switched to my G9

Hi Yessi!

The girl on the left was out of control. No, you can't blame the a-a-a-a-alcohol. 0_o

Costa Rica lean

Saw Mars while waiting for the car. Nice Tokis man!

Double cheeseburgerin' it.

Why am I still here and not SF?


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