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| Posted in , , | Posted on Thursday, February 11, 2010

I went to Trinoma with Mark, Darius and Sam to do some window shopping. I was surprised it wasn't as packed. I guess people are getting ready for the Valentine's/Chinese New Year weekend. Love is in the air together with illicit affairs, premarital sex, lies and STDs. How fun.

Flowers for you

Darius and Sam got a quick bite

Bumped into Jeff Tam

Cyma Trinoma. The worst Cyma in terms of service. Darius and I ordered the chicken gyro. 5 minutes later, the server tells us that it's not available anymore so we settled for the mix meat gyro. Several minutes later, another server tells us that only the lamb gyro is available. Face palm moment, right? It gets worse. After going through the menu for the nth time, I decided to order a burger (in a freaking Greek resto). Darius has given up at this point and he just wanted food on the table so he also asked for a burger. Guess what? A third server appeared not long after and told us that only one burger was available. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I would've left with the quickness if I wasn't with Mark who wanted Cyma. All we got was a half-hearted apology. Some of the servers even looked pissed that we kept ordering food they didn't have. After all the unnecessary back and forth I expected at least a free dessert. We got nothing. Calling Robby!

Good luck with your orders!

At least the food was good

Wagyu burger. A must try.


After mall hours

Back to wL to prepare the shop for tomorrow's release. February SB drops are underrated. They look so much better in person especially when worn. Don't sleep. These won't last long.

The material on this one is buttery soft


Surprise surprise!

Buy one or buy all!


Missed Angelo's set at Alchemy to be home early. I need to be up early for a meeting. Man these CONS are hella comfy. Thanks CJ!

Saturday is gonna be a busy day!

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venom ba un??sana meron pa pag punta ko..:s