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| Posted in , | Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miko and Darius swooped me up as they had nothing better to do on a Wednesday afternoon. Miko wanted to know if what I posted on facebook was true. Him and a bunch of other people who have lit up my YM and AIM the past couple of days. He even suggested that I hold a press conference to answer all the questions. WTF!? Hahaha.

We didn't want to go far as traffic was horrible because of the 24th EDSA Revolution Anniversary so we ended up at The Hub, five minutes away from where I live.

You know how we usually pick the place we go to? By asking if they serve alcohol.

We wanted to go to Le Ching or Mister Kabab but for some reason both joints were alcohol free. Something I don't get since The Hub is located in a compound full of BPOs. Here in the Philippines, it's a known fact that people who work in this industry consume a lot of alcohol.

I suggested Pizza Hut. You can never go wrong with beer and pizza right? Wrong. It was nasty. The food wasn't good and mosquitoes were everywhere.


Miko on the celly with the wifey

Where's the cheese!? 0_o


More beer to kill the taste

Double D


Never again

The Hub


A few more days 'til...


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