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| Posted in , , | Posted on Friday, February 12, 2010

I got up with only several hours of sleep to get ready for a fully-packed Saturday.

The itinerary?

1. Meeting with a sneaker company at 9am.
2. wL February Nike SB release at 1pm.
3. Ristras Burrito Challenge at 4pm.
4. Birthday party at 7pm.

I was such in a hurry I forgot my camera's battery at home. I had to get it after lunch as I didn't want the day to end without snapping some good photos.

You can never go wrong with a fresh pair of sneakers

Marc with his improvised fish eye camcorder

Nice tee dude

JA in the house. I got Canada jokes man. You want 'em?

Man oh man! These are so tempting.



Sweet Cradle Lows

JA being JA (click to play)

Looks better worn

Erap looks younger than Mike. Hahaha.

I missed the burrito challenge in the afternoon but still ended up here for dinner

They're the best I tell you. Thanks for the tee!

Nom nom nom

The fastest official time is 6:00 ++. Mark finished his burrito in under 5 minutes... While taking naps in between bites. Beat that.

More choices

We dropped off Mark and Wong then headed to my last stop for the night. Quezon City around 10pm. Where you at Miko!?

Fully stocked bar

Pick your poision

The food looked good but I was still full

Rooftop pool party FTW! (click to play)

With the birthday celebrant. Thanks Anna! I had a blast.


(click to play)



I was told that the guy on the left is one helluva skater

Full body shot

Time to get wet!



This is David and he has something to show you

One last sip of alcohol

Here we go



Dude is a badass

Not New York but just as great (click to play)

Aubrey with Trixie

Thanks CJ!

Mr. Amsterdam

Lechon head on a plate

Good night Manila!

Birthday greetings also to Angelo (Massive Selector) and my brother Pong.

That was a super tiring day!

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Damn dude....livin' it up proper. Some honeys up in there.