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| Posted in | Posted on Saturday, October 18, 2014

Guess where I was from 7:30 pm last night until 4 am this morning? 

Here for the grand opening of Treehouse Tavern!
 photo IMG_1380_zps38d12c65.jpg

Treehouse is on the 2nd floor of Hooters A.Venue on Makati Avenue.
 photo IMG_1381_zps27ebdd57.jpg

The BEST side.
 photo IMG_1382B_zps2d8d6a2e.jpg

Beer pong, anyone?
 photo IMG_1382C_zpse4f3a839.jpg

The walk up.
 photo IMG_1382_zps718de084.jpg

I found my new spot. WOO HOO!
 photo IMG_1383_zpsc21b63bc.jpg

What I came here for. Classic arcade games!
 photo IMG_1384_zpsbb4d3154.jpg

Never play DJ Skratchmark unless you want to lose your lunch money.
 photo IMG_1385_zps1324bfae.jpg

Captain save-a-hoe! (guilty here, lol)
 photo IMG_1386_zps1bb359b5.jpg

Margaux hit the bullseye. It was great seeing you again!
 photo IMG_1387_zpsa13e1e00.jpg

Man, I miss my 1210s.
 photo IMG_1388_zpsde9a3a65.jpg

 photo IMG_1389_zps7454d0ef.jpg

Well-stocked bar.
 photo IMG_1390_zps1d84f771.jpg

Cotrez times two.
 photo IMG_1393_zps27c7dbe5.jpg

Open bar? Give me shots then!
 photo IMG_1394_zps6ab6908e.jpg

Treehouse, whut!
 photo IMG_1395_zpscecd7a24.jpg

Sweet Patti Cakes!
 photo IMG_1396_zps837831a7.jpg

It's Courtney!
 photo IMG_1397_zpsfb746a1d.jpg

Banana King aka DJ Skratchmark.
 photo IMG_1398_zps521672a5.jpg

Wendell Vans with the crossover move while he worked on his chicken.
 photo IMG_1399_zps584d2f07.jpg

Hey ladies! (and gents)
 photo IMG_1400_zps90ed9c61.jpg

This woman, though.
 photo IMG_1402_zps88d2d1f3.jpg

Random head.
 photo IMG_1404_zps6c354e41.jpg

The Prince of Philippine R&B with Mark and Margaux.
 photo IMG_1405_zpsc4779c11.jpg

Wendell with the photobomb, lol.
 photo IMG_1406_zpsb90c22cc.jpg

Treehouse menu. You can also order from Hooters then have the food brought up.
 photo IMG_1408_zps6433ffa7.jpg

 photo IMG_1410_zpsab05fc0d.jpg

Wendell, stop trying to save princesses. Most of them are not worthy.
 photo IMG_1412_zpsd9a09e65.jpg

Looking to make a quick buck? How about 20,000 pesos!
 photo IMG_1413_zpscc9e2536.jpg

I'm gonna miss this Greek Goddess. Good luck with everything, Courtney! I'll see you in the West Side. (I will never forgive you for flaking on our Seattle-San Francisco Thanksgiving game.) #BeatTheSeahawks
 photo IMG_1414B_zps066b481a.jpg

Man, was that fun! If you're looking for a new spot to chill, lounge around, grub, watch live sports or even get shitfaced with your friends, visit Treehouse Tavern on Makati Avenue. Check their Instagram page HERE. Oh, and don't forget to tell them I sent you! :) #AsSeenOnSinceKrux

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