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The gorgeous model/DJ tandem of Sanya Smith and Ornusa Cadness teamed up with WIP to release this limited edition hat!
 photo ZOMBETTES-FRONT_zps73b23a97.jpg

And it's now available at Urban Athletics Greenbelt 3. :)

"We're real proud to premiere our first collaboration with The Zombettes this year: the 'Z' snapback!

Working with the gruesomely-good logo graphics of local artist, HK Niu, we whipped up something that'll bring a touch of much-needed craziness into your wardrobe. We've been collaborating with artists from different local scenes and this time, we linked up with Sanya Smith & Ornusa Cadness of The Zombettes to celebrate their unique type of music fusion and style that's been getting them booked left and right. These gals have been putting out the crazy good vibes from Manila to Cebu, and even taking it to Thailand during their BLEH!!! Tour last year.

The cap is black with hot pink accents. In front is a detailed 3d Embroidery of the Zombette's 'Z' logo, and the back was framed nicely with a ribbon logo of 'the zombettes', both designed by their artist, HK Niu. Taking you to another dimension is a hypnotic spiral, printed neatly on the underbill for a nice WIP-style twist.

Only 200 pieces were made for this run.

- WIP"

Black crown and bill
 photo ZOMBETTES-ANGLELEFT_zps49f775b8.jpg

Detailed 3D Embroidery of the 'Z' logo, by HK Niu
 photo ZOMBETTES-ANGLERIGHT_zps39e20f10.jpg

 photo ZOMBETTES-LEFT_zps2ccd2f55.jpg

 photo ZOMBETTES-RIGHT_zps11971365.jpg

Snapback (fits headsize of 64cm)
 photo ZOMBETTES-BACK_zpsb7d22d6c.jpg

Printed hypnotic spiral on the underbill
 photo ZOMBETTES-UNDER_zpsee99ab7a.jpg

Visit Urban Athletics for more necessary headgear! (since rainy season is here)

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