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Is anyone else's Gmail acting up? I've been getting spam in my main inbox and some emails I expect to be in my inbox end up in the spam folder. Are we back to 2004? How odd! If I didn't check my "Promotions" folder I wouldn't have seen the invitation to this event. It's the launch of the new Nike Team Pilipinas National Team Kit for FIBA 2014!
 photo IMG_0209_zps15fe91cd.jpg

Nike unveils new Gilas Pilipinas uniforms that will debut at 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup
National colors and design evoke love of country and passion for the game

JUNE 26, 2014, Manila – Nike unveiled the Philippines National Basketball Team uniform for the 2014/2015 season today with members of the Gilas Pilipinas team and Coach Vincent “Chot” Reyes before media, the Basketball Federation of the Philippines, and associates of Nike and the federation. The team will debut the uniform on-court at the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain in August this year.

The new uniforms made of Nike Sphere fabric are more lightweight, breathable, and durable. Sphere flocks the interior for sweat management; articulated armholes provide a better and easier range of motion; and laser cut perforations provide ventilation throughout the kit.

“The new uniforms are lighter in weight, which is an advantage for us when we play. Together with the heat management, the uniforms will keep us comfortable through the games,” said LA Tenorio, point guard for the Gilas.

The new uniform is as bold and daring as the players are when they take to the court. Aside from “Pilipinas” emblazoned in thick, vibrant letters on the front, the latest uniforms portray an aerographic design on the back that shows an image of the eight-rayed golden sun found on the Philippine flag.

“We will wear this uniform proudly,” said Marc Pingris, forward for the Gilas. “With the sun on the backs of all players, it’s a gentle reminder to each player of its symbolic meaning of unity and sovereignty for our country.”

The graphic element from the Philippine flag was included to provide an inspirational and motivational point for the team who are going to battle it out against the best basketball teams in the world in Spain, a country that the Philippines has had a long history with. Coincidentally, the eight rays around the sun represent the first eight provinces that started the Philippine revolution in 1896, which was against the Spaniards. There could be no greater coat-of-arms than this eight-rayed sun for this year’s World Cup as it symbolizes the rich and proud history of the Philippines and Spain.

“Basketball is more than a sport for Filipinos. It is in our blood, our DNA, woven into the Filipino culture. The new uniforms will be worn with pride, on the world stage in Spain as we show the world what Filipino basketball is all about and bring pride to the Philippines” said Coach Chot.

Tonal shades of bold red and blue are the final touches tailored to bring spirit and vigor to the uniforms, as the Gilas Pilipinas continue to work their way to the top of the basketball world.

“Nike is inspired by the team and their quest for glory that has brought back the pride in Philippines Basketball. We hope these uniforms will likewise inspire the team and help them to do great things in the upcoming competition,” said Courtney Cole-Faso, Nike Philippines Country Manager.

The team was presented with a unique gift of shoelaces with handwritten messages by a selection of youth fans fromMetro Manila. The youths hope that by carrying these messages, the team will feel the support of the nation during their time in Spain.

The new Philippines National Basketball Team uniforms will be available at retail in both Home and Away versions from July 1 at all Nike only stores.

After a 3 hour drive from Quezon City to Treston, The Fort.
 photo IMG_0210_zpsc29af9a4.jpg

Gonz ruined my candid shot.
 photo IMG_0211_zpsf61f01dc.jpg

Papi DJ Ace Ramos.
 photo IMG_0212_zps93779cc6.jpg

 photo IMG_0214_zps3af85c5d.jpg

 photo IMG_0215_zpsa61e56e6.jpg

Titan fellas Levon, Ting, Migs and Raoul.
 photo IMG_0216_zps203b69c7.jpg

 photo IMG_0217_zps73e7ae28.jpg

Sick Gilas Pilipinas piece by Chichimonster and Notti.
 photo IMG_0220_zps89ce89ef.jpg

 photo IMG_0222_zps43b5abb2.jpg

 photo IMG_0223_zpsde89ef30.jpg

Food and drinks.
 photo IMG_0229_zps7042e57d.jpg

 photo IMG_0230_zps59b5c38a.jpg

The goods.
 photo IMG_0231_zps8e1d5a53.jpg

 photo IMG_0232_zps31fc9400.jpg

 photo IMG_0233_zps4a19b42d.jpg

Nice touch, Nike.
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 photo IMG_0235_zps899196ad.jpg

 photo IMG_0236_zps14619dd2.jpg

 photo IMG_0237_zps32c780c2.jpg

 photo IMG_0238_zps32b768ae.jpg

 photo IMG_0239_zpsc38786a9.jpg

 photo IMG_0242_zps7485792e.jpg

Boom. Panes. (sorry, I just had to)
 photo IMG_0243_zpsb526c7ed.jpg

What up, Boom!
 photo IMG_0244_zpsf6eea8e4.jpg

Triple OG, Courtney.
 photo IMG_0252_zpsa4c5ba6e.jpg

Ready for battle.
 photo IMG_0259_zps33916e23.jpg

Coach Chot Reyes discusses the new Nike kit and how proud the team is to represent both the country and the brand.
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 photo IMG_0269_zpsa5b610cd.jpg

Slam Camp kids.
 photo IMG_0276_zpsea861781.jpg

Coaching staff.
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I see you, Josh!
 photo IMG_0292_zpse070c331.jpg

TV interview duties.
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 photo IMG_0295_zps599ab7d0.jpg

 photo IMG_0296_zpsd08a58a1.jpg

 photo IMG_0297_zps617f05d9.jpg

Raoul with Gatorade's newest big dawg, Tony!
 photo IMG_0298_zpse9527f3d.jpg

I wonder why he didn't ask me to sign his tee. (hahahaha)
 photo IMG_0299_zpsfd5c07bc.jpg

Teen photo op with Su and Boom.
 photo IMG_0300_zps2340915b.jpg

Raoul, Mars, Dennis, Mong and Boom.
 photo IMG_0302_zps29b2a90b.jpg

 photo IMG_0303_zpsc7d12ba3.jpg

 photo IMG_0308_zps49a5e092.jpg

Sanya, Chichimonster, Courtney and Banjo.
 photo IMG_0309_zps32d9edc2.jpg

Again, the Nike Pilipinas National Team Kit will be available starting July 1 at Nike retailers like Titan.

Good luck to Team Pilipinas!

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