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| Posted in | Posted on Sunday, June 29, 2014

Erica is back. The Powder Room girls are back. I'm back. SunDAZED is back. 

It's like we never left, stitches!
 photo IMG_0361_zps32028637.jpg

Team LMS/All Hype with another tee release. The text on the back is very clever! (I shall post photos soon.)
 photo IMG_0362_zps5908a4fd.jpg

I didn't see Jena there until I transferred the photos to my laptop, lol. What up, Skratchmark!
 photo IMG_0363_zps797fb533.jpg

This woman and DJ Jena will be on radio soon.
 photo IMG_0365_zps176730d0.jpg

Frenchman Davy with Erica and Patricia.
 photo IMG_0367_zps2988ee74.jpg

Jena and all peace Wendell.
 photo IMG_0369_zpsa1f91093.jpg

It's the birthday girl, Sarah!
 photo IMG_0370_zps644d9201.jpg

Strike a pose.
 photo IMG_0373_zpsd4d34f67.jpg

Wondering where the missing piece went?
 photo IMG_0374_zps4aad4bd6.jpg

On her face! Ahahahahahahaha.
 photo IMG_0375_zps00c5915f.jpg

Nice tee, Dann!
 photo IMG_0380_zpsc0741337.jpg

Spot the tocino.
 photo IMG_0381_zps605e9121.jpg

E and D.
 photo IMG_0383_zpsa55f70bd.jpg

No gallstones? No problem.
 photo IMG_0384_zps575e4c56.jpg

Great seeing these folks tonight! (Not sure if they saw me, though. LOL.)
 photo IMG_0385_zpsb2cf7332.jpg

Last time I saw these two together was over 100 days ago. Now they serve as my human crutches. J/K.
 photo IMG_0388B_zpsfc118079.jpg

Post-SunDAZED grub.
 photo IMG_0389_zps5976e6ae.jpg

Where did Margaux go?
 photo IMG_0390_zps95f8976c.jpg

I wonder what HE did to his matching ink. LMAO.
 photo IMG_0391_zps480787bf.jpg

I wonder if the index finger ring shoots lasers.
 photo IMG_0392_zps51a4796a.jpg

Time to eat!
 photo IMG_0395_zps89e87d2a.jpg

Say hi to The Powder Room girls this Thursday at Rocket Room and sip some Rocket Fuel for me, will ya?

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