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| Posted in | Posted on Friday, October 18, 2013

Walkers, what? I got my survival kit ready for the zombie invasion, just in time for The Walking Dead 4. Get your popcorn and blankets ready. New season premieres tomorrow, 8:55 pm, on Fox Channel! (Sky Cable channel 50)
 photo IMG_1405_zps4935d263.jpg

My body is ready.
 photo IMG_1406_zpsf6743dd3.jpg

Note the time!
 photo IMG_1407_zps7797bd42.jpg

Oh hey, it's Rick!
 photo IMG_1411_zps45114e2c.jpg

All I need to survive a zombie apocalypse.
 photo IMG_1403_zpse9078d67.jpg

Mini boom box.
 photo IMG_1429_zpsb1d37feb.jpg

You'll never know when you'll have the urge to get down to some ratchet songs.
 photo IMG_1431_zpseb511610.jpg

Stab zombies with this little beast.
 photo IMG_1432_zps706207d8.jpg

Choose your weapon.
 photo IMG_1433_zps0a708633.jpg

Never walk in the dark again. No batteries needed!
 photo IMG_1457_zps0fdbb245.jpg

Not the antidote. Write down your notes.
 photo IMG_1435_zps03dccd5f.jpg

 photo IMG_1436_zps842cc521.jpg

Candy for that much-needed sugar rush!
 photo IMG_1439_zps1fc5fd4e.jpg

Your personal diary.
 photo IMG_1441_zpsbfa44583.jpg

It can also double as your tally chart. One with the most zombie kills wins!
 photo IMG_1440_zps0f06357b.jpg

To identify your fellow non-walker.
 photo IMG_1443_zps704c78e6.jpg

This is all me. An 8 oz. flask might just save your ass!
 photo IMG_1456_zpsed39c549.jpg

And how are you gonna carry all these goodies?
 photo IMG_1448_zps69cf7ff4.jpg

In this awesome bright neon-colored gym bag.
 photo IMG_1449_zps178494bc.jpg

 photo IMG_1450_zps11363013.jpg

If Drake only knew.
 photo IMG_1453_zps30161d16.jpg

Again, note the time!
 photo IMG_1454_zpsf83c361e.jpg

You better not miss it or else, zombies will come knocking down your door.


Thanks, C. :)

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Dope! One of my fave shows next to Dexter and Breaking Bad (to bad it's over).